New Training Syringe In Develoment for Nurse Education
UNH graduate student Tyler Rideout, who helped develop the “smart” syringe, demonstrates it on a fellow “student.” Credit: Paula McWilliam

An inter-departmental effort by the University of New Hampshire has resulted in a new prototype for a training syringe to better instruct nursing students on how to deliver vaccines to patients.  The syringe offers real-time feedback so that nursing students and their instructors can determine the effectiveness of their vaccination method, and if necessary see how the methods can be improved. Force, trajectory, angle and pressure are measured on a computer screen.  This device is the first of its kind and could drastically improve both quality of education and quality of care, leading to more effective immunization programs.  At this point in time, there is no best-practice data related to giving injections; this will certainly change when the syringe passes the development stage and enters the market.  Read the full press release on NewsWise.

New technology leads to great improvement in the quality of nursing education and care.  If this inspires you, consider looking into higher education online and research The College Network.  The nursing field continues to both improve and expand!

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