Mario Kart - Part II

In my last blog post, I discussed the flexibility of our distance nursing programs where different kinds of people and learners are able to complete their degrees using the example of the Mario Kart video game series.  I'd like to continue using Mario Kart as a reference point to show how things you have already done, things we at The College Network can help you with, and things you can do to avoid obstacles in preventing you from finishing your degree program.

In Mario Kart, each character/kart can obtain different bonus items to help their cause in winning the race.  Some of these items are mushrooms (speed boost), turtles shells (wreck the opponent near you), banana peel (make someone spin out), and lightning bolts (shrink your competition).  Each of these can draw a parallel to helping you overcome obstacles in your program.

Mushrooms - a speed boost.  First off, with our Comprehensive Learning Modules, we streamline the test-out process, but we also offer other services to help as well.  Now, for certain prerequisite and general education classes, we offer online testing via a webcam proctor service to help you schedule and complete courses much quicker than a traditional testing center.  Also, by financing your exam fees with the rest of your learning modules, you do not have to wait to budget out test costs, we've done that for you!

Lightning Bolts - shrink the competition.  For those of you that have previous college credit, the good news is that it will most likely transfer in to the program if it is from a regionally accredited school.  By transferring in those credits, you can shrink the size of your program, and save time and money!

Turtle Shells - knock out the competition.  Each of our learning modules arms you with a turtle shell to knock out the opponent (the courses you need).  We guarantee you will pass each exam by using our modules, so whenever you shoot a turtle shell, it will be like a red one that finds the nearest competitor to knock them off.  Use the practice exams in the modules to help make sure you are prepared for your actual exams at the testing center or in the online webcam tests.  All in all, the modules will lead the way to finish your program and each one is a turtle shell to knock off your competition along the way!

Banana Peels - in case you slip.  Banana peels are notorious for being slippery, and the same is true in Mario Kart.  In life, and in these programs it is easy to fall behind, or slip up every once in awhile.  This is why we offer our Academic Support team to help you stay on track.  They are there to help you with curriculum questions, scheduling exams, obtaining exam fee checks, navigating the online resource center, and making sure you properly enroll and complete your top online nursing programs with one of the schools we partner with or recommend.

We at The College Network enjoy serving you to help you complete your education and lifelong goals.  Mario Kart is a great game on all platforms of Nintendo video game systems, and although it may not be the first thing you think of when completing your education, maybe now you can see the parallels between your education and having fun with a game.  So go out, run your race, complete your program, and come away in 1st place!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or needs.  Have a great day!

Kevin Burton, Program Advisor,, 1-800-307-1006 Ext. 4734

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