Over the past few years, there's been much talk about a push for nurses to be educated at the bachelor's-degree level. However, at The College Network (TCN), we recognize that earning a bachelor's degree is not the right path for everyone. That's why we offer courses that can help you become a registered nurse (RN) through the... Continue +
New LPN/LVN to BS in Nursing ONLINELPNs/LVNs and RNs earn Your BS in Nursing Online!  NLN-accredited/Top Ranked Indiana State University offers the nation's ONLY Online LPN to BSN, LVN to BSN or RN to BSN. Get started now with no waiting list.  Enjoy locally precepted clinicals with NO clinical testing. Earn your degree in half... Continue +
"I came, I saw, I conquered" are the words that Jim from Kyle, Texas uttered to me last Monday after I helped him begin working on his LVN to RN program. These words were uttered by Julius Caesar in 47 BC.  Jim's motive for earning his RN were out of the ordinary.  Jim wants to create a legacy for himself, and give back to the... Continue +
LVN Jobs in South Texas
The Rio Grande Valley is a group of towns on and near the south Texas border. It has been a great area for nurses to find work. The job opportunities have been generous to both RNs and LVNs over the past years.However, in recent months, the main conversation among LVNs has been about job security. Nurses have seen a... Continue +
Lately, as I drive around Central Texas working as a Program Advisor for The College Network, I have realized what an impact my job has on the lives of the nurses I meet with on a daily basis.  Most nurses are ready to advance their education for various reasons, some for monetary gain, some for career opportunities, and some... Continue +
Many state, that education is the single most poweful predictor of success. An advanced degree can heavily influence your current and future earnings. LPN and LVN nurses surveyed by human resource professionals indicated family and work obligations are barriers to advancing their education. Most adults can not financially... Continue +
The nation's ONLY online LPN/LVN-to-BSN program allows you to earn your bachelor of nursing degree in half the time and at half the cost of traditional distance nursing programs with NO WAITING LIST. Indiana State University's School of Nursing is NLNAC accredited with local clinicals and NO clinical testing.  Nurses can... Continue +
Have you been pondering the idea of becoming an RN?If you are an LPN or an LVN, then you are already half way there and all you need to do now sign up for one of the distance nursing programs where you can get one of the inexpensive nursing degrees to become a RN.As an LPN or LVN, there are two different types of degrees that... Continue +
If you are an LPN or an LVN and like working in the health care industry, but would like to get more involved in the experimental side of things, then you might be interested in going into clinical research.  Of course, you'll want to get an advanced nursing degree through one of the good nursing schools that offer distance... Continue +
As technology improves, so has health care.  When it comes to terminally ill patients, this is even more important so that they can be home with their families before they pass.Case Management Nurses help to coordinate the continuity of care for patients so that they get the proper treatment at the proper time so that... Continue +
If you are interested in matters of the heart, then you might be interested in being a Cardiovascular ICU Nurse.Cardiovascular ICU Nurses take care of patients that have gone through cardiac related surgeries.Because cardiac procedures are high risk, patients that have gone through such a surgery require constant observation and ... Continue +
You guessed it.  Cardiology Nurses work with Cardiologists.Some of the things that you do as a Cardiology Nurse are:assess patient health problems and needsdevelop and implement nursing care plansmaintain medical recordsadminister medicationsadminister pulmonary therapymonitor vital signs through advanced telemetry and... Continue +
As a Program Advisor for The College Network here in East Texas, nothing is more fullfilling to me than being able to make a difference in someone's life.We all know life gets so busy with raising a family, earning a living, and all the other things that make it difficult to pursue other interest such as achieving one's academic... Continue +
Nurses are an essential part of the health care industry. There is generally a misconception that nurses work only in hospitals. But nothing can be further from the truth as there is a great demand for qualified and registered nurses across various sectors.  A vast majority of nurses are working in sectors other than... Continue +
In order to be an RN, you can already be an LPN or an LVN and then you'll want to take accelerated nursing courses to get your ADN nursing degree or equivalent, so that you can complete a registered nurse program.  Most RNs follow three different educational paths - a bachelor's degree (BSN), an associate degree (ADN), or a... Continue +
You may or may not be aware that there are nurses that provide medical care to inmates in jails, prisons, penitentiaries and juvenile offender homes.As you might imagine instantaneously, there can be some drawbacks to working in a correctional facility - patients may be violent, there will always be guards around, you might have... Continue +
Did you know that online education for nursing professionals is in such high demand that schools are turning away thousands of qualified applicants every year?  Well, it’s true and that is why The College Network partners with prominent universities to offer NLNAC accredited nursing education with no waiting lists.  They make it... Continue +
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