Education Inspired by Life - Laurel and Jamie
I recently traveled to the "Four Corners" area of New Mexico to speak to an LPN who wanted to be an RN.  She works at one of the very finest facilities in the area and one of her friends who also works there was present to hear about the program.

They both told me of the need for further education being requested by the facility.  They also both expressed an inability to sit in a classroom as they both have small children, husbands, and full time careers.

After explaining the Associate Degree in Nursing program, both chose to enroll right then.  I noticed a visible sigh of relief that a program was available to meet all their needs, and they intend to support each other in completing.

It is very rewarding to know that The College Network makes it possible for students in outlying areas to have choices that work.  This is "Education Inspired by Life."

"Education Inspired by Life"

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