LPN and RN Salary- Career goals

Just the other day I was chatting with a friend over a coffee about career goals and she said that she was looking for a good nursing school with inexpensive nursing degrees that were NLNAC Accredited. She had been working as a Licensed Practical Nurse for over ten years and she was frustrated because she really wanted to become an RN but she was unable to go to a traditional school. She is a single mom with four children and no time to attend class, little resources and a tight budget.

I told her about my employer,  The College Network and how we partner with leading universities to offer associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs designed for busy nurses like her. I explained to her that our online Comprehensive Learning Modules™ will allow her to complete her general education and elective courses with very little interruption to her career or family life and her credits from these courses can then be transferred to one of our partner universities, or thousands of schools nationwide, where she will complete her degree. 

She was very excited to learn more about how she can be on her way to earning that RN Salary that she so wanted and needed for her family. I contacted her local Program Advisor and set an appointment at the place of her choice, (the same coffee shop we were at) to discuss her options and help her enroll into a program. I also referred her to our website www.collegenetwork.com where she can listen to a free informational video and learn about our EARN Program where people are rewarded for inspiring others to continue their education.

It was a wonderful morning discussing career goals and lifelong dreams!


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