Learning online is not the future…it’s the present!

Distance education has been around for a long time but up until the late 1990’s there wasn’t enough technology or national awareness to support the industry that would soon become a worldwide phenomena known as online education.  


Online education has become increasingly popular as more institutions and academic leaders from some of the best college programs around the world recognized the benefits and convenience it brought to a larger student population. For the past several years, online enrollments have been growing significantly faster than overall education and In fact, the number of online students more than doubled between 2002 and 2006! 

In a study conducted by The Sloan Consortium they stated that nearly 3.5 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall semester of 2006, which was nearly a 10% increase from the prior year.  They also showed that the 9.7% growth rate for online education far exceeded the growth rate in overall higher education of 1.5%.


Online education has not only modernized the way people learn but it has also made education accessible to a much larger segment of our population, i.e. the adult learner.  Companies like The College Network, an e-learning & education provider focuses on the adult learner by offering a variety of professional certificate programs as well as online degrees from leading universities.  The demand for education has never been higher especially for people who are looking to advance in their career, change careers, and/or enhance their overall employment opportunities in an effort to minimize their risk of being unemployed in economic downturns like the one we are coming out of now. 


The College Network partners with leading universities to help adults advance their education through distance learning and online environments. Click Here for more information.

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