The College Network’s Center for Learning Empowerment is really beginning to take form. Just yesterday we launched a second sample title in our one-of-a-kind learning environment to help our customers become more effective and efficient learners.We are very excited about this unique approach to helping our customers conquer the... Continue +
The College Network’s Product Development team recently updated each course by providing additional options for assessing content mastery. While we have always provided multiple opportunities for learners to ensure that they are progressing in their understanding of the instructional material, we recently included yet... Continue +
It’s a commonly accepted fact that any structure is only as strong as its foundation. The same is true when it comes to building a knowledge base. Whether you’re setting out to master specific course content to get your Associates Degree in Nursing, earn your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, or complete a PMP Preparation Course, you... Continue +
During my days of classroom instruction, I taught courses on a variety of topics that ranged from technical communication to 3D modeling and animation. One of my favorite courses was Advanced Interactive Media. I liked teaching this course because the students who enrolled were far enough along in their program that they were... Continue +
Every once in a while I find myself having a conversation that I have had several times over the past fifteen years. I have now had the conversation so often that it no longer surprises me when it occurs. It is a conversation that has the potential to be life-changing.The focus of the conversation is based on a... Continue +
Many years ago, I took an introductory philosophy course and was exposed to the teaching of René Descartes. While Descartes is probably best known for the statement Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) he was also the inventor of the Cartesian coordinate system (which served as the basis for many mathematical advances) and... Continue +
I have encountered so many people who think that post-secondary education is all about completing a series of assignments or jumping through hoops of some sort. More accurately, university-level education in the 21st century is about learning how to learn and think; and then effectively and efficiently applying that ... Continue +
I was having lunch with a couple of friends today and said words I hadn't heard in a while. These words were powerful agents at one point in my life and they are just as powerful today.Do one thing a day.A few years back I was trying to accomplish a goal while still maintaining my full-time job, raising kids, and trying to... Continue +
…I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. These famous words from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley have been used for years to represent the power of human choice. Unfortunately too few people truly understand the power of these words and how our understanding of these words is displayed in... Continue +
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