The holiday season reminds me of times with the family and playing various games.  I saw something around the office the other day, and I thought of playing the game Kerplunk.

Kerplunk!How to play classic Kerplunk:  Players take turns removing a single straw from the tube while trying to minimize the number of marbles that fall through the web and into their tray. Once a player has committed themselves to a particular straw by touching it, they must remove it. The player who accumulates the fewest dropped marbles wins.

Thinking of this game reminded me of the way The College Network can help students complete their nursing school prerequisites.  Instead of not trying to gain marbles, with our program you want to gain marbles.  Each time you complete one of our modules and successfully test out of a course, it is like taking a straw out of the jar to loosen up the marbles to fall.  Once you complete enough or all of your courses, the marbles will start to fall and you will start earning your way toward winning the game (as in completing your degree)!

Whether you are looking to complete your LPN to Associates in Nursing, or LPN to BS in Nursing, The College Network has a program for you.  Make your courses go Kerplunk and give us a call today!

Kevin Burton, Program Advisor, 1-800-307-1006 Ext. 4734,

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