Jobs With Bachelor's Degrees Are More In Demand Than Ever

If you are a nurse, you have probably heard of the call from The Institute of Medicine that 80% of all nurses hold their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree by the year 2020.  But did you know that holding your bachelor's degree in other fields can also help your career opportunities?

In the past couple of years with the state of the economy, jobs were harder to come by and sometimes through no fault of the employee, they were lost due to downsizing or closure.  A recent study from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce finds that jobs that require bachelor's degrees have increased by 2.2 million since the start of the recession.  And of those unemployed,  7% of those had bachelor's degrees while 24% held only a high school diploma.  Also, you will earn nearly twice as much with your degree compared to a high school graduate.  

Obtaining your advanced degree is more important than ever.  Here at The College Network®, we can help you find the program that is right for you.  We partner with colleges and universities throughout the country to offer many bachelor degree programs.  Maybe you are interested in a Business Analysis and Management degree from Bellevue University or a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management from Regis University?  We can help you find the best fit for your background and interests.

Call us today at 800-395-1014 to get started.  Your bachelor's degree is the next step you need to take to move forward, build your career and ensure your financial stability.  

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