It's a Nurse's Market

We've been hearing the same thing for years - there are thousands of nursing jobs just waiting to be filled, plenty of opportunity, etc. We hear these implicit phrases frequently, but are they true? Where are the solid facts about the nursing job market?

A recent article published on the Scrubs magazine web site attempts to demystify the rhetoric and address the nursing job market head on. "The need for both RNs and LPNs is expected to grow like never before - by 21 to 22 percent between 2008 and 2018. What is particularly interesting is that these jobs will be in various fields, not just in long-term care and geriatrics." Which is great news if you're entering the nursing field, but I think the article had one better quote that helped put things into perspective. "Healthcare facilities across the U.S., including hospitals, long-term care and clinics, added 21,000 jobs in November 2009. In that same month, 85,000 people in other fields lost their jobs." So if job security is important to you, then I can't think of a better career choice.

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