Is College Worth It?

There is a great debate between those who see the value of a college degree and those that feel you will never get your money's worth by having your degree.  It is an ongoing discussion, but here are some facts and opinions about having a college degree.

If you look simply at your earning potential by having a degree, the median weekly salary for someone with a college degree is $1053 versus someone with some college but no degree as $719.  If you add that up, there is a difference of almost $17,000 a year.  You also have to keep in mind that you will probably have better benefits offered to you in a salaried position.  

Unemployment has been high in the last couple of years as we all know.  If you look at the difference between someone with a degree, the more educated you are the lower the employment rate, and someone with a diploma you will also see that having an education does help.  If you look at the chart below from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will see both points illustrated.  

At The College Network, we can help you with your online education so you can gain your degree.  Whether you are pursuing your Bachelor's, Associate's or continuing your education by obtaining a professional certificate.  We offer you so many options.  You can graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business from Bellevue University, or become a registered nurse with your Associate of Science in Nursing.  You can even become a certified Project Management Professional. 

The truth is that with a college education, you are going to have more options.  To me, it really doesn't seem like there is much a debate.  So, call us today at (800) 39-LEARN to find out more about how to earn your degree.  


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