Have you ever had a morning like I had today? I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m. which gave me enough time to get up, shower, make coffee and pack my lunch before leaving for work. 6:00 a.m. rolled around and I found myself hitting the good 'ole snooze button...then 6:15...then 6:30 and before I knew it, it was quarter til 7 (I have... Continue +
Simply the best
As a Marketing Specialist for The College Network one of my responsibilities is to write articles for our internal company newsletter. I just finished one titled "Help us be the best," which is about an upcoming initiative, we as a company, are launching in an effort to apply for the project "Best places to work in Indiana."The... Continue +
As a nurse, your world revolves around the health care of other people, but do you forget to take time to care for your own health?  I know it often seems more challenging to live a healthy lifestyle;  fresh produce and meats are more expensive to buy than processed food, work and family life get in the way of regular exercise... Continue +
I read something recently that really put things into perspective, and I wanted to share it with everyone."An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish, beached and dying after a storm.  A young boy was picking them up and flinging them back into the ocean. 'Why do you bother?' the old man said, 'You’re not... Continue +
Earning your degree can be a little intimidating but as Amy McKee learned, it is very rewarding."Overall, I had a really good experience," said Amy. "My Program Advisors were very prompt and kind. They made it easier to jump into a program when it can be scary."Amy had always known that she wanted to be an RN. After speaking... Continue +
Safe and Warm
We are now moving through the winter months, and thanks to modern society, life does not stop because of snow. Online education has a great benefit this time of year. I was lucky to live in a major city during college, so I could get to school. But once there, parking was a major issue. Many students would not be able to attend... Continue +
Everywhere I turn in the past couple weeks are stories about the crushing cost of college education and this week it was announced that total student debt has eclipsed total credit card debt with the number surpassing $880 billion dollars! And the number is growing by $2,800 per second. Is the daunting cost of nurse education... Continue +
There are so many choices for nurses to consider in continuing their education. Should you go back to a traditional college and re-work your life to fit the college for the foreseeable future? Or should you take charge of your education by making your education fit your life for the next couple of years? How can you possibly... Continue +
$18,720.  That's a strange way of starting a sentence; isn't it?  What does $18,720 have to do with anything?  It could be the price of a new car.  Down payment on a new home.  That deluxe home theater system with 60" LCD TV you've been dreaming of.  What could that mean? $18,720 is the first year increase in your salary if you... Continue +
"I came, I saw, I conquered" are the words that Jim from Kyle, Texas uttered to me last Monday after I helped him begin working on his LVN to RN program. These words were uttered by Julius Caesar in 47 BC.  Jim's motive for earning his RN were out of the ordinary.  Jim wants to create a legacy for himself, and give back to the... Continue +
Road Map
Before you begin anything, you usually plan exactly how you are going to do it.  Whether you realize it or not, most people just do not react 100% of the time, they think out beforehand how they will handle a given situation.  Everyone gets a joy out of vacation, and part of the planning process is mapping out your... Continue +
I am currently working on a project at The College Network which emphasizes our commitment to our customers' success. We offer an a plethora of courses for adults looking to continue their education.Whether you are looking to earn a better salary by upgrading your EMT to RN (with the Online Paramedic to RN Program), RN to MSN,... Continue +
There was an article this morning on msnbc.com that talks about how a report done by the Institute of Medicine discusses how nurses should "take on a larger and more independent role in providing health care in America, something many doctors have repeatedly opposed, citing potential safety concerns. It calls for states and the... Continue +
We have such a great service at The College Network, it's a shame that we are not helping more of the people out there who are interested in our inexpensive nursing degrees and accelerated certificate programs.I have read some of our testimonials which have helped people who recently moved to the United States receive the proper... Continue +
September 23, 2010 is when the first scheduled changes from the new law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or PPACA, will take effect. Because there is still a lot of confusion on the new laws, I thought it would be helpful to list out the changes here as they go into effect. 1. Insurance companies will no longer... Continue +
An article on cnn.com last week reiterated what I'd been taught when I came to work for The College Network: make sure you know if the school you're planning to attend is regionally or nationally accredited. There's a big difference. For one thing, nationally accredited schools will often accept credits from regionally... Continue +
If you are an LPN or an LVN, and are looking into Schools for Registered Nurses, then you might be interested in getting into some of the specialty disciplines that RNs are involved in.One is Acute Care Nursing.Acute Care nurses help to assess and provide care for patients that have acute conditions.  Acute conditions include... Continue +
Many state, that education is the single most poweful predictor of success. An advanced degree can heavily influence your current and future earnings. LPN and LVN nurses surveyed by human resource professionals indicated family and work obligations are barriers to advancing their education. Most adults can not financially... Continue +
Excelsior College is in full force in the state of Florida. Wow, Governor Charlie Christ recently signed HB 1337 into law. This law makes it possible for LPN's AND PARAMEDICS (incuding Naval Corpsmen and Army Medics) to enroll and recieve an Associate Degree in Nursing from Excelsior College.This is a drastic change to the "old"... Continue +
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