Increasing Demand for Registered Nurses

The New York Times revealed in a recent article the increasing number of hospitals requiring nurses with associate degrees to earn a bachelor's degree/RN. "The need [for nurses] is so great that nurses without bachelor's degrees are still in demand. But experts say that may change in years to come, particularly at hospitals, the largest segment of the profession and one of the best paid."

The article went on to say, "Surveys show that most hospitals prefer to hire nurses with bachelor's degrees, though they often cannot find enough. Lawmakers in several states, including New York, have introduced bills that would require at least some hospital staff nurses to have bachelor's degrees within 10 years, though none have become law."

It's obvious that change in the field of Nursing is on the way, so shouldn't you take it upon yourself to stay ahead of the eventual education requirements and being earning your way to a higher degree? If you're already an LPN or a nurse with an associate's degree looking to earn your RN, The College Network can help you earn your degree fast and efficiently, without having to give up your current work schedule. With the Comprehensive Learning Modules and the online Resource Center, you can learn at your own pace and at the fraction of the cost of a traditional four year university. 

It's important to recognize change, and the upcoming changes in the field of nursing are going to effect current associate degree nurses for years to come. Stay ahead and be prepared with the help of The College Network.

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