If the shoe fits!
The last trip to the hospital was a result of my 82 year old mother-in-law having a knee replacement operation. The surgery went great. She was attended by some of the nicest and most courteous license practical and RN nurses. I started to ask a few nurses how did there career get started and where did they do there schooling?

Some went to good nursing schools, others had a poor experience. Some went to local programs others did associate degree in nursing programs online. Others wanted to accelerate there path. I asked had any used The College Network as a path to success. Yes was an answer, and why was due to the obstacles local programs incurred when trying to work full time and manage a family.

Selecting nursing school options is a little like wearing shoes. Some shoes are comfortable experiences, others are not. Some have a fancy look external but callus [hurt] internal. Some are for running others for walking. Some for dress and others for fun. Dress for success!

Deciding what shoe to wear for education is simple. Choose your correct style [method], comfort [start and finish], and value [investment]. The college network builds shoe [careers] that last. Does your shoe fit? 

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