Over the past few weeks, I have been presenting tips for tackling various types of NCLEX questions. So far, I've covered prioritization questions and medication questions. In this post, I will provide information on how you can master teaching questions.  The NCLEX-RN includes two types of teaching questions, and both are fairly... Continue +
The College Network (TCN) is dedicated to helping you become the best nurse you can be. On top of several online nursing degrees, TCN offers a comprehensive exam preparation package—Rx for NCLEX Success—that can help you pass the NCLEX-RN and become a registered nurse. Additionally, in a five-part blog series, I am offering tips... Continue +
Are you ready to pass the NCLEX-RN and become a licensed registered nurse? We want to help you by offering tips on how to master various types of NCLEX questions. As I mentioned in a previous post, the major question types on the NCLEX-RN include prioritization questions, medication questions, teaching questions, nutrition... Continue +
The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your career and educational goals. If your goal is to start working as a licensed registered nurse (RN) this year, you'll need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing... Continue +
Now that you've put in the long hours and completed your nursing degree, it's time for the final step: passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). And while that may seem like an overwhelming leap, there are many resources available to help you succeed. Scrubs magazine published an... Continue +
Happy New Year!!! Hopefully you had a great 2012 but I want to help you have an even better 2013 by fulfilling one of your biggest resolutions. Every single year people make a ton of different resolutions: This is the year I finally lose that extra 10 pounds This is the year I finally stop smoking This is the year I... Continue +
Are you nearing the end of your nursing degree program? If so, you've probably began thinking about taking the NCLEX-RN exam. This is the exam that is required by all nursing school graduates in order to earn your license and practice as an RN. Because of the importance of passing this exam to your future in nursing, it is... Continue +
Do you know someone who seems to pass every test they take with flying colors and with seemingly minimal studying? You, on the other hand, study the material over and over and over again and never seem to do quite as well on your tests. Are you studying the wrong information? Do you just not get it? Maybe you weren't cut out for... Continue +
So you want to become a registered nurse. But how do you do it? It seems like it might be an impossible goal. You work, take care of your family--when are you going to find time to go to school?  Here are 10 easy ways you can become an RN with help from The College Network. Call the The College Network to learn more about online... Continue +
Congratulations to Leigh W. from Merritt Island, FL!Leigh, who joined The College Network in August 2010, has recently finished all of his courses and passed his CPNE with Excelsior College for the ASN program. He is now preparing to take his RN NCLEX in January 2012. Congratulations again Leigh, and good luck on your NCLEX exam... Continue +
Ironman Bachelors Degree
Many of you have heard of the Ironman competition.  It consists of a 3 part test of endurance, competition, and will power.  The 3 legs of the Ironman competition, consisting of a swim, bike ride, and marathon made me think of how the LPN/Paramedic to BS in Nursing through The College Network and Indiana State University is its... Continue +
Congratulations to both Annette S. from Pawling, NY and Sherry L. from East Berlin, PA for passing the Excelsior College Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE), on their first try!At The College Network, we are always delighted to hear how our customers are doing with their programs and about the progress they are... Continue +
Monday of Product Knowledge Training Week is here.  We are always excited about a class of newbies and today was no exception.  We have four new Program Advisors, interested and eager.  It is a fun day and one the Training Department looks forward to.Rob Eyler, our SVP of National Sales lead off the morning with a rousing... Continue +
I had someone tell me the other day that you cannot get your RN license in Florida if they went through the Excelsior ASN program...well here's how it is... Q: Can I apply for a nursing license in Florida if I graduated from Excelsior (formerly Regents) College?A: Applicants who have passed the NCLEX and have an active license... Continue +
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