How Do You Find Inspiration?

I need inspiration. I find myself pondering over and over--"what should I write my blog about?" So, my inspiration for my blog is just that--finding inspiration.  

Oftentimes adults who are pursuing their online degrees, need some inspiration to study and move forward in their programs.  Inspiration is a hard thing.  It tends to sometimes be fleeting. But, when it is with you, you find that you have an energy and focus that is hard to deny.

So, let's talk about some ways you can find inspiration.  For me, I look at blogs that I have written, articles on the internet and think about the experiences of the past week.  Maybe I can help you find some inspiration by connecting you with others who have also completed online degree programs or certificates.  

First of all, meet Reme Prusynski, who was in the business world for 30 years before she decided to go back to school to become the nurse she had always wanted to be but had never thought she could.  Or Jean Brennan, who decided to become a registered nurse because of 9/11. Karen Renick had been laid off, and it was then she decided start a paralegal studies program in hopes of securing a new position.  She went on to start her own paralegal business.  

Feeling inspired yet? If not, and you need more--just check out other success stories to find someone who is like you.  And when you're ready, call The College Network at 800-395-1014 and we'll help turn your inspiration into a reality.  

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