Going the Distance
After a seven-month protest, I finally decided to get cable.  The first thing I watched was Toddlers and Tiaras. It's strange - I know, but everything else that was on television was either something I owned on DVD, or as my partner so eloquently put it, "WHY WOULD YOU WATCH SOMETHING THAT WE COULD WATCH ON NETFLIX!"  She also pointed out how immediate everything is in our lives.  

We sat in our living room with the television on, laptops open, cell phones not only presenting me with messages, but tweets also.  We are in the 21st century - where a buffer queue on YouTube makes our heart stop.  In this age, if we hear a song on the radio we haven't heard in a long time, we can easily go home and following an Internet search, we're listening to it.  A system that places the world beneath our fingertips and connects us with our grammar school crush is sometimes taken for granted and doesn't always live up to the sharing is caring hype.

Enter the new social media tool Lift which I believe will be a way to amplify you and your passions.  It's a great idea because it will be a great way for many people to finally pursue their dreams and hopefully step away from their computers and step out into the world.

I'm excited for Lift because it shares a lot of similarities and ideals we share at The College Network. Through our distance nursing programs, nurses and paramedics are able to receive degrees through online nursing programs from leading universities.  Along the way, The College Network supports them as they attain higher education online through our website and a team dedicated to providing academic support. One could say we do everything we can to lift our nurses up.  

It shows when I receive phone calls from people just like yourself who want to enroll in our programs because they know a colleague who became a RN or a family member encouraging them to go back to school and pick up where they left off on their road to becoming a RN.

Technology has brought us to this point where we can do it with a worldwide network of support, its time we began looking beyond the limit.

Landon, Appointment Coordinator

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