As National Nurses Week 2013 comes to a close, the best and brightest in healthcare have shared many new insights and ideas with the nursing community. As we reflect on the week behind us, there is one question still to be asked: as a nurse, how will you impact nursing? Whether your goal is to leave a lasting legacy on the... Continue +
National Nurses Week serves as the perfect opportunity to look back on some of the individuals who have brought the nursing profession to where it stands today. Throughout history, there have been many nurses who have fought to make the nursing profession accessible to women, people of color, and the lower class. Many of these... Continue +
  At The College Network, we are often asked one fundamental question: “If The College Network isn’t a university, how can the program help me earn my degree?”   The answer is really quite simple. The College Network’s online programs are designed to help you earn college credits that can be applied toward a degree from one of... Continue +
If you are an LPN/LVN, you’ve probably considered going back to school to earn your degree and RN license. With the demand for qualified RNs on the rise, it’s a great time to start working toward a higher nursing credential. Earning your associate’s degree in nursing isn’t the only way to get your RN license—in fact, there are... Continue +
You’ve graduated from nursing school and now you are ready to hit the ground running in your new career. Congrats! It is a great time to be a nurse. Despite ongoing changes in the job market, over 32,000 new health care jobs were created in the month of February. So, what supplies do you use during a day on the job? The items... Continue +
As a project manager, you may have considered advancing your career with a certification in Lean Six Sigma. Whether you are are new to Lean Six Sigma or a seasoned pro pursuing a Black Belt, you know that honing your skills in process improvement can open a lot of doors. Here, we’ve outlined the top three reasons why... Continue +
As a nurse preceptor, you serve an integral role in educating the next generation of nurses. If you’re a preceptor, keeping up with nursing best practices by attending events and participating in continued education courses is essential. If you are a nurse preceptor and would like to earn continuing education contact hours, the... Continue +
  With a new fiscal year underway, it’s no surprise that companies everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs and increase the efficiency of their business flow. The project completion process is often fraught with errors, causing thousands of dollars in lost revenue for businesses of all kinds. In fact, according to the... Continue +
According to a recent report from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, patients who are treated at  Magnet hospitals have a 14 percent lower post-surgery death rate than those treated at non-Magnet institutions. The report reviewed post-surgery patient outcomes across 564 hospitals in four states, with nearly... Continue +
  The past several years have been disappointing for college applicants looking to earn their associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). According to the National League for Nursing, ADN applications were the most frequently rejected among both pre- and post-licensure nursing applications in 2011. The NLN report stated that nearly 50%... Continue +
The Apple takeover isn’t limited to your office, your pocket and your living room -- according to a recent study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, Apple's latest gadget is facilitating change in the healthcare industry as well. Findings from the study show that iPads can actually help doctors do their work more... Continue +
In today’s economic conditions, there are very few career paths that guarantee job stability. But, according to a 2012 report from Newsweek’s The Daily Beast, nursing graduates have the best chance of being hired upon graduation. Nursing ranked as the #1 most useful major on the website’s recent list of the “13 Most... Continue +
The effectiveness of online education has long been a topic of debate, but a recent study from research firm Ithaka S+R is making strides towards putting the dispute to rest.  The study shows that students who complete their studies online achieve equal or better academic results than students enrolled in comparable traditional... Continue +
Last month, ABC premiered ‘NY Med,’ an eight-part documentary series that explores the daily action on the ER floor at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. The series, directed by producer Terence Wrong, followed nurses and doctors over the course of 16 months, capturing their most touching and most tragic interactions with patients.... Continue +
It’s no secret that America’s workforce is aging, and the healthcare industry is scrambling to keep up. The number of people age 65 and older is predicted to reach 71 million in 2030, nearly double the amount of senior citizens in 2000. So what’s the industry doing to accommodate this growing demographic? Hospitals across the... Continue +
Whether you are working in a hospital or serving long-term care patients, the day will likely come where you are faced with working the night shift. Working at night can prove taxing on a nurse’s body and mind, so it’s essential to take the necessary steps to prepare. Whether you are there by choice or obligation, don’t panic.... Continue +
Affording an education isn’t cheap – in fact, most adults list high tuition costs as their number one reason for not returning to school. But funding for your degree might be closer than you think. Many companies offer scholarship programs and stipends for funding employee education. Others will reimburse employees... Continue +
Did you know that moving to a new city can mean a big raise in pay? If you're an LPN/LVN or RN, keep in mind that certain locations offer higher salaries than others. Of course, it's always wise to do your research before a move -- your final pay depends largely on the cost of living in your new city and the type of... Continue +
Whether you are a seasoned nurse or just starting out, working with patients can often prove exhausting. This week, we've uncovered a few tips for coping with life as a nurse: 1) Take Breaks: Busy nurses can often forget about their personal needs during a hectic workday. Take a few moments to yourself to catch your breath,... Continue +
If you’ve been thinking about going back to school to earn your Bachelor’s Degree in nursing, now’s the time to do it. The demand for nurses is at an all-time high, with the American College of Medical Quality predicting a national shortage of 300,000 to 1 million nurses by the year 2020. The increase in demand is... Continue +
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