Funding Your Education
For the past few days, I've been maxed-out and for good reason; a lot of you have been calling in requesting to meet with local Program Advisors about advancing your nursing education through our distance nursing programs.  In coming weeks, many of you will sit down with your local Program Advisor to receive information about our associate's, bachelor's and master's in nursing programs from leading universities and at the end of those meetings, many of you will be enrolled in those programs on your way to becoming RNs or gain advanced degrees.  

The other day I spoke with a LPN who said that she rushed home to call me, because she was interested in receiving her Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Indiana State University and wanted to meet with a Program Advisor as soon as possible. She was ready to enroll.  She had always wanted to be a RN but financial reasons and other obligations prevented her from completing a previous RN program.  She was ready to enroll because her employer offered to pay for her and her coworkers to become RNs.  

Its not uncommon for me to speak with people who have their employer or the military pay for their education, but she could not stop talking about how highly The College Network is held at her employer.  I ended up setting the appointment for her that day to meet with her local advisor, and I definitely cannot wait to see her story from her point of view on our My TCN Story Blog real soon.  

Landon, Appointment Coordinator

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