Finding Your Nursing Job in 2012
jobAfter months and months of depressing statistics, the unemployment rate has finally begun to rise in the U.S. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the unemployment rate dropped to 8.5% in December with the addition of 200,000 new jobs.

With things slowly beginning to look up in the employment world, now is a good time to look for RN careers. However, if you're like many other people out there looking for a job right now, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and need some guidance as to where to begin.

The easiest and most accessible place to begin is on the Internet. Three popular job websites are, and With each of these sites, you can search by geographic location and desired job type. You never have to leave the comfort of your home because you can submit your resume directly through these sites.

Another great place to look for your desired nursing job is by visiting the website of any company you have an interest in. Most companies will post current available positions directly on their website.

In addition to the above ideas, social media can also be a great resource for the job hunt-specifically twitter. There are tons of great nursing resources on this site. For example, NurseConnect, GetNursingJobs and Nursing_Jobs all continuously post updated nursing jobs from all over the country every day.

It's a touch job market out there and you have to be creative when looking. With the above tips and the positive outlook on the job market, you will have a great chance of landing your dream nursing job. And remember, if the answer to your dream nursing career involves higher education, The College Network is here to help with our top online nursing programs from leading universities!

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