Enrolled Nurses Course
Keeping in mind the fast pace of today’s world, working professionals are finding it difficult to balance their work requirements, their professional aspirations and their personal lives. Options are desperately being explored, which would provide opportunities for educational and career enhancement, at the same time taking into account the fact that people have little or no time to devote themselves in order to achieve the above mentioned purposes.
This is where organizations like The College Network, which is an eLearning provider, come into play. The College Network partners with leading universities to provide online college degrees and certificate courses, which help working professionals balance their lives while pursuing their education. 
One of the more popular things being offered are the enrolled nurses courses, which provides an opportunity for nursing professionals to be trained and increases their value in the market for furthering of their professional aspirations. Some of the courses being offered include Associate degree programs like LPN/LVN to RN and Paramedic to RN. Bachelors degree programs like the LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and the RN to BS in Nursing program are also offered. And, last but definitely not least, the Masters Degree programs like the RN to MS in nursing programs and MS in Nursing programs.
The programs are designed keeping in mind the busy schedule of working nurses. Essentially, the programs takes less time to complete than traditional programs, learning modules are developed to take into account the working hours of the professionals, and they can be completed at the convenience of the individual.

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