EMS Management Degree
George Washington UniversityMany emergency medical service (EMS) professionals enjoy their fulfilling careers on the front-lines of emergency medicine. However, some of these EMS professionals are looking for career and salary advancement opportunities. Often, these EMS professionals struggle to find educational advancement opportunities that mesh with their hectic schedules.

Fortunately, there are now online degree programs , such as the Bachelor of Science in Health Science EMS Management made available through The College Network and The George Washington University. This online degree program offers many advantages. It enables busy EMS professionals to continue working and caring for their families while taking EMS Management courses from home. It also meets the needs of EMS professionals who lack geographic proximity to a college or university.

For this Bachelor of Science in Health Science EMS Management, you begin by studying a self-paced series of Comprehensive Learning Modules offered by The College Network. These learning modules allow you to study and learn at his own pace, from the comfort of his own home. Upon completion of a learning module, you take a college equivalency exam such as the CLEP exam to test out of the course and earn college credit. This process saves a great deal of both time and money by using The College Network's innovative Comprehensive Learning Module approach.

Once you have completed these college equivalency exams, you will enroll in online courses with The George Washington University to complete the remainder of your EMS Management degree program.

Once you have completed the program and earned your Bachelor's of Science in Health Science EMS Management, you will enjoy expanded career options and salary potential. EMS Management degree holders may work in roles such as Supervisors, Instructors, or Executive Directors within an emergency medicine context.

With the flexibility and accessibility of this online Bachelor of Science in Health Science EMS Management program, it makes sense for EMS professionals who are looking for career advancement options to consider enrolling. After the investment of much time and diligence, the resulting career and salary advancement will prove well worth the effort. For more information about this and other programs available, click here.

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