Who is Megan Kirsch?
Hello Readers! Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name is Megan Kirsch and I am an Academic Advisor with The College Network. I have been providing program support, content assistance, and motivation for customers since September 2009. Originally from Chicago, Illinois I relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana to pursue... Continue +
As a lead advisor for the Academic Support department with The College Network, I speak with many customers each day regarding all aspects of the online programs that we offer. One reason why I have chosen to stay with The College Network for the last three years is because our company strives to do whatever we can for each of... Continue +
Often many new and existing customers have questions regarding The College Network, their program, their purchase, and Academic Support. Below are some general Frequently Asked Questions about The College Network to better address any inquiries. Q: Is The College Network a school? A: No. The College Network is an educational... Continue +
I know I have already posted about flash cards, but wanted to share a new resource I stumbled upon. For some reason I was conversing with a friend about flashcards who happened to be studying for her bar exam following her graduation from law school this spring, and she advised me that there is an application that can be... Continue +
How Do I Begin?
Congratulations! By signing with The College Network for one of our online degree programs you have taken an important step in bettering yourself and your future. You’ve made the decision to work at your own pace, study on your own time, and control the way you learn best. But with any new endeavor we begin, there is fleeting... Continue +
Many of us still consider the summer months to be the “freedom months”. The months of June-August spent with family and friends, relaxing by the pool, vacationing, and most importantly taking a break from academic studies. With the online programs offered through The College Network, customers can study at their own pace, which... Continue +
I was (and proudly still am) a huge nerd growing up. I loved to read anything I could get my hands on that was remotely fascinating. During my sophomore year of high school, I became obsessed with education and learning as I set my sights on teaching. I stumbled upon Howard Gardner’s book, Multiple Intelligences and became... Continue +
Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a customer of The College Network regarding her study habits and how she prepares for exams. She had progressed at a moderate pace and is doing quite well with her exams. She is like most of our customers, a working mother pursuing her degree who has to balance her job, family,... Continue +
Learn by Touching
Running with the theme from earlier this week regarding study tips for auditory learners, I did not want to leave out our tactile/kinesthetic friends to! Below you can find some study strategies that are helpful for those learners who learn best with their hands and by “doing”: ● Hold the book/module/chapter in your hand while... Continue +
  As an Academic Advisor, I speak with customers on a daily basis who ask for more information on how to study best. As a visual learner myself, I have a ton of tricks and tips for similar learners. I thought it may be helpful to provide some suggestions for those of the auditory learning persuasion. Below are some effective... Continue +
Flashcards have long been debated in education on whether they are an effective learning tool for students. With any learning method or study aid, correct usage is paramount in determining effectiveness. Personally, I feel flashcards can be extremely useful when used correctly. Flashcards have helped me and others I know learn a... Continue +
  I don’t know about you, but I never jump in the water without testing the temperature first. I learned my lesson the hard way when I was younger and dove into a lake on a warm day, not realizing that the temperature had been below 60 for the last few months. Can you say, cold?  In order to be successful with your studies, you... Continue +
For once, traffic was not too congested on my way to work the other day, so I was afforded the luxury of stopping by the Starbucks near the office for a caffeine lift. While waiting on my drink, I noticed a young woman studying. I was surprised to see someone focusing on academics at 7:30 in the morning, but... Continue +
If someone asked you if you knew how to study, what would your answer be? For me it would depend on when that question was asked. Prior to college, I would have responded yes. It wasn't until I entered college that I realized I never learned how to study. For some reason, I was able to coast through my secondary... Continue +
As an Academic Advisor in the Customer Support department with The College Network it is always exciting to follow a customer’s progress from beginning to end. I had the privilege of working closely with a particular customer throughout the majority of her Associate’s in Nursing program whom has just informed me that... Continue +
 Having the ability to self assess one’s knowledge is a skill that few possess shy of personal bias. Often times we believe we know more than we actually do, especially if we have invested a significant amount of time and energy into learning a new skill or trade. However, have you ever read a news article, novel, or even a blog... Continue +
New Year, New Focus
Happy New Year to all! January at The College Network is a busy month! The beginning of a new year, means new resolutions. And what better resolution for self improvement that resolving to further ones education? One of the greatest aspects of the online degree programs offered by The College Network is the ability to progress... Continue +
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