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globalLast week I had the pleasure of writing a success story about a customer who lives in Canada and used the help of The College Network to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Writing this woman's story reminded me of a gentleman I also spoke with a few months back who was enrolled in The College Network's Paralegal Studies Certificate program. He was from Germany.

The woman who lives in Canada was a nurse global in the United States when she decided to immigrate to Canada-her husband is Canadian and owns a business there. Because of the accessibility of our online nursing programs she was able to begin her degree in the U.S. and continue completing it once she moved to Canada.

The man from Germany was studying law and wanted to accompany his degree with paralegal knowledge. There were no programs that offered what he wanted where he lives in Germany, but Boston University's online Paralegal Certificate program was perfect for his needs, and The College Network was able to help.

That's the beauty of online education-it's global. Anyone can earn a degree from anywhere they have access to the Internet. Nowadays, finding an Internet connection is pretty easy. Coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and many others are offering free wi-fi. Also, most libraries have computer labs which are set up for Internet connection.

When I was in college, I went to a school that was four hours from my home. So, every summer I would have to pack up all of my things and move back home for three months. I wanted to continue taking classes during summer vacation (so I could stay on track to graduate in four years) so I had to enroll, each summer, in the local college near my home. I'm glad I took the summer classes, but let me tell you it was a big hassle!

I would have loved to have the opportunity to take my classes online, on my own time, from anywhere I chose to. Online education really does make life more simplified. Whether you are living here in the U.S., are global, or are thinking of immigrating to another country, The College Network is here to help you achieve your education goals. Call us today: 1-800-395-1014.

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