Don't Settle for More of the Same

So many times when we want to change where we are in life, we end up doing more of the same thing we’re already doing. I’m sure there’s a formal name for this but I generally refer to it as human nature because in most situations, people just don’t know what it is they don’t know.

The same is true when people want to improve their ability to learn. Generally, they begin by doing more of the same thing they were already doing. So, if they were already operating at the Comprehension Level they will try to comprehend more. If they have been operating at the Analysis Level they will try to analyze more. This can lead to serious frustration when the learner is exerting more effort but seeing little return on their investment from the learning perspective.  

Six Levels of Learning

Rather than simply doing more of the same thing, learners should ask and answer the following questions to be sure they're on target.

-- What does it take to complete the assigned learning tasks?

-- At which level does the assigned learning task align with the 6 levels of learning?

-- Am I just doing more on the same level or am I improving my ability to achieve more advanced thinking/learning? 

If you aren’t sure you know the answers to these questions as they relate to your education goals, call The College Network (1.800.395.1014) so that we can help you ensure that you get a great return on the time and money you invest in your education. We can help by showing you a better way to earn online degrees from top universities while becoming a more effective learner overall.


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