Day Three of Training Week: E-Issues and Regis University
We are already at Wednesday of Training Week!  It is amazing how fast the week flies.  We spent the morning talking about all things "e-related".  The College Network has a host electronic programs and Internet and computer-based resources to be used by either our Program Advisors (PA) or customers.  We spent a lot of time exploring the wonderful support technologies available.

The afternoon sessions focused on Regis University.  A wonderful leader in online nursing education, Regis has three great programs for educating nurses.  Regis is also the one of our partner programs that has an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing).  A nurse can earn an  MS in Nursing Management or an MS in Nursing Education in as little as 18-24 months.  Another great feature of the Regis programs is that they have a "bridge" program.  If an RN knows they want to get both a BSN and an MSN, Regis has a program that will allow someone to earn both at the same time.

Our merry band of four trainees is doing really well.  They are absorbing all the information we give them.  They are eagerly learning about the great nursing schools we partner with and the online nursing programs that will best help their clients meet their educational goals.  Online degree programs can be very complicated and our newest PAs are doing a great job learning all the intricacies of each program.

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