Day Five of Training Week: 3, 2, 1...Lift Off!
It's Friday!  Our training class has been with us for an entire week now.  We have one more day of initial product knowledge training and then they will begin the next phase of their training:  OTJ (on the job).

A review of the week and what information had already been gained was the first order of the day.  Our intrepid crew of trainees showed that they are ready and eager to help our clients with their educational needs.  A few last questions about the RN to MSN nursing program and the LVN to BSN made the discussion lively.

The wonderfully flexible Bachelor of Science programs offered through Bellevue University were presented next.  Bellevue, a leader in online education, is a wonderful option for the person who wants to get a BS degree while continuing to work full time.  Degrees in areas like Project Management, Criminal Justice Administration, Legal Studies and Software Development are "hot" areas right now and Bellevue allows a customer to get a degree efficiently and affordability.  These degrees are a nice compliment to our on-line nursing degree programs.

So, a full week of product knowledge training is complete.  We have covered all the online nursing programs we work with, including for the ASN, BSN and MSN.  We have talked about nurses and nursing, policies and procedures, online courses and "brick and mortar" schools.  We have provided an introduction to The College Network and provided a first step toward a life of learning for both our new Program Advisors and our future clients. 

The sky is the limit!

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