Customer Support discussion forum
Customer's familiar with The College Network's support resources may have noticed that we have an updated discussion forum found in The College Network Resource Center

Why was this relocated you ask?

By having the discussion forum located in The College Network Resource Center we are providing you with another avenue for convenient learning interaction as you progress through your modules.  Not only do you still have the option to have a live web chat with an Academic Advisor, but now you have the ability to post your experiences and learn from the experiences of others pursuing their degrees with The College Network.

The forum is organized by exam type (Excelsior College® Examinations, CLEP, or DSST), the Customized Study Materials (CSMs) for the Indiana State University programs, followed by forums for our supplemental materials- Rx for NCLEX Success and the ePatient Clinical Readiness Package.  We also have forums for feedback and miscellaneous topics.  (The Miscellaneous forum is great if you're looking for a study partner in your area or if you're looking to talk to someone completing the same degree program!)

The College Network reviews the discussion forum multiple times each day in order to make sure your forum posts are approved in a timely manner, allowing them to be read and responded to by other customers as quickly as possible. 

Next time you log in to The College Network Resource Center be sure to check it out!

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