My name is Stanley Dixon.I work in the marketing department at The College Network as a Graphic Designer (creative/webmaster).I have experience in web design/development, illustration, Flash design/animation/development, audio and video production. I like being able to showcase all of my skills and really enjoying my job. I love... Continue +
21 century student
I was recently listening to a radio broadcast discussing the "21 century student." They were discussing the importance of a higher education degree in our current and future workforce. Basically, there was a description of these students being of an older age than in previous decades as well as the length of time it takes to... Continue +
Safe and Warm
We are now moving through the winter months, and thanks to modern society, life does not stop because of snow. Online education has a great benefit this time of year. I was lucky to live in a major city during college, so I could get to school. But once there, parking was a major issue. Many students would not be able to attend... Continue +
Tell Your Friends
The College Network has such great programs that our customers will stand-up and speak for us. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and our customers are willing to share their success stories. We even offer the EARN program, which can help our customers pay for their study materials, or reimburse them for their education... Continue +
I am currently working on a project at The College Network which emphasizes our commitment to our customers' success. We offer an a plethora of courses for adults looking to continue their education.Whether you are looking to earn a better salary by upgrading your EMT to RN (with the Online Paramedic to RN Program), RN to MSN,... Continue +
I just updated my Adobe CS5 package this week. I was so happy when I saw the update for Dreamweaver included HTML5 extensions. HTML5 is the upcoming standard for web development. If you own an iPad, I am sure you're aware of HTML5. The major roadblock is that the amount of iPad users is so small, and most people do not... Continue +
Year-round education
As a new father, I have already began thinking of the education of my child. I have been interested in year-round elementary school. In these fast moving times, it is important for me to not have to bend to the antiquated schedules of the past. At The College Network, there is a similar mentality. Why should someone have to go... Continue +
We have such a great service at The College Network, it's a shame that we are not helping more of the people out there who are interested in our inexpensive nursing degrees and accelerated certificate programs.I have read some of our testimonials which have helped people who recently moved to the United States receive the proper... Continue +
Thinking about the future
I have been lucky to keep in contact with many of my friends since childhood. Though as adults we are unable to spend much time together these days. I recently was at a party for a deceased friend. Even though it was a sad event, I was happy to see so many people I have not seen in years. Many of them were thinking about their... Continue +
One of my many recent job duties has been to implement "like" and "share" buttons within our testimonial sections of The College Network website. It has given me a chance to browse the positive opportunities we have created for so many people. Most memorably, I have read about people who have gone to school and recieved credits,... Continue +
Company Pride
After working at The College Network for the last few months I am really glad to be here. It is very important for me believe in the business I work for. We really are doing a good thing by offering inexpensive nursing degrees through good nursing schools which are regionaly accredited (which actually trumps... Continue +
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