Create Your Own Study Network and Earn Money at The Same Time

I have talked to you before about the EARN program at The College Network.  It's a great way to help support your education by taking advantage of our referral program.  You really have to appreciate the value in $200 for each referral and on your 6th referral, having The College Network portion of your program paid for--it is like a full scholarship.

But, I want you to also realize the value in making referrals that has nothing to do with money.  It is also about creating your own network.  I know online education can be difficult for some because they feel that they are working so independently and they sometimes lose focus.  Consider this, most likely, your referrals are going to be friends or colleagues and will also be in your same profession.  

This means that you can create your own study group. You can chose to gather at a specific place (maybe every Saturday morning at your local coffee shop) to go over the Comprehensive Learning Modules or quiz each other for upcoming exams.  It can help to bounce ideas and questions off of someone else and hear their perspective.  Plus, it makes it that much better when you can share your success with your group after you pass an exam.

So, think about who you can create a study community with today.  It will help support your education in multiple ways and you will gain new friends while obtaining your degree.  Feel free to call me at 317-566-2647 to help a friend get started in their degree program.  You'll both be glad you did.  

Happy studying!




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