If you’re looking for a way to get an edge in the business job market today, a Lean Six Sigma certificate could be the answer! What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two popular methodologies used in business and industry today: The Lean methodology provides techniques to streamline production and services;... Continue +
It's still early, but the year 2014 has already been a big success for The College Network's Chief Information Officer Ryan Sallee and his entire Information Technology (IT)  team. Sallee and The College Network (TCN) were recently honored with a CIO Impact Award, an annual honor given to CIOs nationwide for outstanding... Continue +
If you are looking to advance your career, you may already be aware of the skills needed to get you to the next level. You may already possess those skills and be ready to go after your dream job, but you may be like millions of Americans and realize there might be a gap in your skills. Perhaps you’ve found a job opening that... Continue +
Have you been thinking about going back to school, but are worried about fitting your studies into your schedule with a full-time job and other responsibilities? If a class schedule just won't fit in with your work schedule, earning a certificate or degree online could be the answer. A recent article on Yahoo’s Education... Continue +
This article discusses the 4 basic components of a typical online course.  While distance learning varies depending on the institution providing the course, there are four typical components of online courses: A Learning Management System (LMS): An LMS is the platform that allows students to view their syllabus, contact their... Continue +
Have you thought about continuing your professional education? Employers today highly value those employees that take initiative to further their knowledge in their field and keep current with new standards and practices.  The College Network® offers professional certificates from Purdue University, Boston University and... Continue +
I would like to share the following list by Eric Bloom, President and Founder of Manager Mechanics, of his top 10 reasons to become a PMP. If you are on the fence about obtaining Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, read Eric's list and reconsider the opportunity that PMP certification affords. The College... Continue +
As you saw in a recent blog post, U.S. News and World Report recently published a report on rankings for top online education programs.   Bellevue University was ranked number one in student engagement and assessment. Bellevue has been offering online bachelor's degree courses since 1996. There are so many degree programs that... Continue +
As we approach the holiday season that brings gifts to many of us, it always reminds me of that spirit I get around this time of year.  It brings out the kid in me, and thinking of all those toys from the past takes me back to my childhood.  So, I'd like to ask you a question: What did you want to be when you grew up?I remember... Continue +
"Online education makes returning to school more manageable. Make no mistake, online education is not easy. It requires commitment, motivation and self-discipline, and lots of hard work. The expectations of Regis University online students were the same as the graduate students on campus," Sheila Blackmur said of her experience... Continue +
 “I've always had the desire for a career in project management and was presented a great opportunity to make that dream come true,“ Rosalyn Toliver says of her decision to earn her Foundations of Project Management Certificate, online, through the Boston University Corporate Education Center.“I decided that a certificate in... Continue +
Ken Sharp, a single dad with a full time career, knows the value of enhanced knowledge which is why he chose to get his Certificate in Project Management from Boston University Corporate Education Center (BUCEC) with help from The College Network. “I’ve been performing project and program management, then started to... Continue +
Stop what you're doing!  Just like a game of red light, green light you may have played when you were a kid, lets take a moment to examine how putting off your College Network program of choice may be inhibiting you from achieving your goal(s).Most people divide their goals into short- and long-term accomplishments.  While your... Continue +
Certified Project Managers average $103,000 according to the PMI® salary survey. Don’t get frozen out of the pay raise you deserve -earn your Boston University Corporate Education Center Certificate of Project Management 100% online in just 8 weeks.  Learn from PMP® certified instructors in a 4th edition PMBOK® compliant... Continue +
Resolution Revolution
I do it.  She does it.  He does it.  They do it.  Almost everyone does it this time of year - New Year's Resolutions.  And just like me, you, and everyone else, we probably do not follow through with some or all of them.  Today, I propose we both turn over a new leaf, and take some advice from some of the best revolutionaries on... Continue +
Just Do It
I am sure most of us are familiar with the slogan "Just Do It®" used by Nike®.  But what exactly do they mean?  Of course Nike is closely related to the sporting world, however, I think their slogan and the message it portrays can be beneficial to everyone.The first thing I think of when I hear "Just Do It®" is an athlete... Continue +
Gary Caudle was no stranger to the project management field, but when he and his employer decided it was time to update his formal knowledge of processes, they turned to The College Network for Boston University Corporate Education Center's project management courses.“I looked at several course offerings and decided on the BUCEC... Continue +
I am currently working on a project at The College Network which emphasizes our commitment to our customers' success. We offer an a plethora of courses for adults looking to continue their education.Whether you are looking to earn a better salary by upgrading your EMT to RN (with the Online Paramedic to RN Program), RN to MSN,... Continue +
Something I have noticed throughout my career is that in many organizations there is a disconnect between doing a job well and being prepared to succeed. This disconnect leads to frustration as employees, on every level including management, fail to meet the expectations passed down through the chain of command. Having worked in... Continue +
I just updated my Adobe CS5 package this week. I was so happy when I saw the update for Dreamweaver included HTML5 extensions. HTML5 is the upcoming standard for web development. If you own an iPad, I am sure you're aware of HTML5. The major roadblock is that the amount of iPad users is so small, and most people do not... Continue +
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