Core Value: Excellence
Continuing with my series of The College Network Core Values, let's look at excellence.

Be the best!We challenge the norms and commit to raising the bar with constant improvement.  Excellence means different things to different departments in our company, but from a customer standpoint, myself as a Program Advisor and others in customer service want to ensure that your experience is above and beyond what you expect every time you connect with us.

Personally, I want to convey our commitment to excellence by asking you to do the same.  Pursuing your advanced nursing education with us at The College Network requires you to raise your own bar and demand the best of yourself.  In this pursuit, you must display the courage and honesty to allow yourself to achieve what you want to achieve.  I have no doubt our team can help assist you in achieving your own excellence with your goals!

Kevin Burton, Program Advisor, 1-800-307-1006 Ext. 4734,

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