Continuing Nursing Education

I have always had school sickness, as others have seasickness. I cried when it was time to go back to school long after I was old enough to be ashamed of such behavior.    -Jacques Derrida

Although it can definitely be intimidating, school should not be dreaded. With education you'll enhance your understanding of the world around you and allow yourself to become more specialized in your career.

While you may not always look forward to going back for your continuing education, it is a part of life.

Back to schoolFortunately, I have some good news.

Did you know that The College Network is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation to offer Continuing Education contact hours?

This accreditation means that you are able to take your Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) courses online through The College Network! 

For more information about self-paced education and training, give us a call today. 1-800-39-LEARN


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