Conquer the First Day Jitters

Last week, I started work at The College Network's Indianapolis headquarters, and I went through all the first-day jitters that come along with being the new guy. Luckily, I was greeted with a team of friendly faces who quickly put my fears to rest.  No matter what field you are in, the first day of work can be a daunting one. For nurses, the challenges that come with a new workplace may seem totally different from those that arise in an office setting, but there are still many basic "first day" tips that apply across the board. Here's some tips to remember when gearing up for your first day:

1)  Look the Part. First impressions are everything. If possible, visit your new place of employment before your start date and take note of what your peers are wearing. Your clothes on Day 1 should be wrinkle free and clean, of course. When in doubt, err on the conservative side until you get a feel for what the norm of dress is. For nurses, stay away from perfume or heavy cologne --- it's distracting to patients and supervisors.

2)  Come Prepared. Be sure to bring all necessary forms and paperwork with you, including a copy of your job description, the employee handbook and proper identification. If it's your first day as a nurse, you'll likely be expected to bring a bag of basic equipment, including a watch, stethoscope, bandage scissors, pocket flashlight and a new edition drug handbook. 

3)  Ask Questions. As a nurse, you've likely been exposed to a fair deal of clinical hours. However, every supervisor has different expectations and best practices. During your first few weeks, don't be afraid to ask questions -- it's better to learn than to do a task incorrectly. Asking questions will show your supervisor that you are motivated and willing to learn. 

If you are thinking about becoming an RN and starting a new career path of your own, feel free to call us today at 800-395-1014. By enrolling in one of our programs available from top universities, you'll be on track towards your first day of work in no time!



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