Common Questions: Is Online Learning as Effective As Traditional Education?

The effectiveness of online education has long been a topic of debate, but a recent study from research firm Ithaka S+R is making strides towards putting the dispute to rest.  The study shows that students who complete their studies online achieve equal or better academic results than students enrolled in comparable traditional education programs. The results could be a deciding factor for adult learners who’ve been on the fence regarding the legitimacy of online learning.

The study surveyed the progress of 605 students enrolled in the same introductory-level statistics class across six different universities.  Half of these students were enrolled in a traditional campus-based class, while the rest completed the same course materials using online learning. The results proved that student learning outcomes were essentially the same across the two groups. Students participating in programs that combined both online and in-class elements actually performed better than those enrolled in strictly on-campus courses. Results were based on student performance on the standardized CAOS test of statistical literacy.

In the coming years, it’s expected that more and more students will begin to favor online education. Whether online or on-campus, the quality of course materials will play an important role in student achievement. At The College Network, our online learning materials and Comprehensive Learning Modules™ have been designed by a selective group of collegiate professors and professional educators to ensure student success. Take a look at our list of degree programs and start considering the possibilities. 


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