Academic Support is frequently called upon to explain customers' course analyses results and the course analysis process in general. Therefore, we thought it would be beneficial to our entire customer base to share some insights and place some context around the process. Step 1  Once your records have been made available... Continue +
When we talk to customers who are making amazing progress in their online nursing programs, we like to spotlight their successes and share their time lines to demonstrate what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. Nurse Kim signed up with The College Network in October of 2012 and below is a list of the distance... Continue +
It's still early, but the year 2014 has already been a big success for The College Network's Chief Information Officer Ryan Sallee and his entire Information Technology (IT)  team. Sallee and The College Network (TCN) were recently honored with a CIO Impact Award, an annual honor given to CIOs nationwide for outstanding... Continue +
As our Academic Advisors begin a new year of supporting the adult online learner, we thought it would be helpful to being a discussion of some of the Frequently Asked Questions of Academic Support, as well as provide a few links to additional information that you may find useful. To schedule an exam for your online degree... Continue +
I was reviewing the progress today of one of our LPN to BSN customers. It reminded me of some traits that can help an independent learner to be successful in a distance education degree program. In just over a year, this particular customer has passed 5 exams. Now she didn't pass them all on the first attempt. In fact, she... Continue +
To our customers and friends, wishing you a very Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! From all of us at The College Network. Continue +
Today we are in the midst of National Distance Learning Week, which is celebrated this year from November 11 to 15. National Distance Learning Week is sponsored by the United States Distance Learning Association and aims to bring awareness to the progress being made in the distance learning arena. As stated on the National... Continue +
Just getting started with The College Network? Just getting back started with The College Network? Or maybe just needing some guidance? Check out our new "orientation-type" course to help guide you through the benefits and resources available to you as a customer of The College Network. It is called All About Achievement:... Continue +
As a customer of The College Network®, you might be aware of the referral program. But you might not realize the value it can have in your education.  By referring your friends or coworkers to The College Network, you inspire them to change their life by continuing their education. Advanced education is the gateway to career... Continue +
For over twenty years companies have been celebrating National Customer Service Week. It was in 1992 when the President and the U.S. Congress proclaimed the first full week of October shall be observed as National Customer Service Week. We here at The College Network participate in this annual celebration by recognizing... Continue +
If you are looking to advance your career, you may already be aware of the skills needed to get you to the next level. You may already possess those skills and be ready to go after your dream job, but you may be like millions of Americans and realize there might be a gap in your skills. Perhaps you’ve found a job opening that... Continue +
"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore." –Dale Carnegie Success rarely comes easily. How many times have you heard a success story that did not involve trials, hardship, and/or a little risk? There are not too many folks out there who... Continue +
It's no secret that Internet connectivity has become a prominent part of our fast-moving world. These days, people use the Internet to work, pay bills, shop, and stay connected to family and friends. And public places all over the world boast free Wi-Fi. In fact, as I type this post, I am sitting at Panera taking advantage of a... Continue +
How can Academic Support motivate you to be successful in your program? Read our Q&A with Kim Kruithoff, Academic Support Supervisor for The College Network, to find out! Kim has been with TCN over 7 years and has helped scores of customers get started in their studies. Read below to see how she can help you, too. Do you have a... Continue +
At The College Network, our goal is to make earning your degree as convenient and as hassle-free as possible. Compared to a more traditional approach to education (on-campus learning), we offer more flexibility and the support you need to begin the path to successful completion of your degree. Flexible scheduling: When earning a... Continue +
The thought of going back to school as an adult can be a daunting idea. Just considering all that goes into completing an education can be enough for some people to shrug their shoulders and give up. They imagine barriers in their minds that are insurmountable and feel defeated before they even begin. Don’t let those... Continue +
Ask a group of people how they define personal success and you’ll probably get a different answer from each person. While there may be some similarities among responses, it seems that most people in the world have some unique variation on the definition for personal success. What goes into the definition of success is the topic... Continue +
I recently came across a post by Randall Shirley on the WorldWideLearn site that outlines seven strategies for distance (or online) learning. Each one of the strategies touches on important contributors to success and are worth repeating here: Set goals. Set a timeline for completing your degree with goals to achieve along the... Continue +
Earning your online degree isn't easy. It requires planning, dedication, and motivation. It can be difficult at times because you may feel that you don't have the support of your family, friends, or peers. But did you know that at The College Network® (TCN), you can create your own study community while you also help to support... Continue +
Since spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation, it's the perfect time to start thinking about fresh starts in your life. Are you considering heading back to school as an adult learner? Are you perhaps intimidated by the number of years that have passed since you were last a student? The College Network (TCN) wants to... Continue +
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