Career Growth in the Healthcare Field

It's become common knowledge that nursing is a high in-demand career field, but there are also other jobs in the healthcare field that are growing and in need of people to fill current and future positions. Four of the top twenty career growth fields are nurses; nursing aides, orderlies and attendants; licensed practical/licensed vocational nurses; and home health aides.

For those currently pursuing a higher degree in healthcare, the news couldn't be much better. For those considering a career in healthcare, it's time to strike while the iron is hot. If you're worried about the cost, The College Network can help you earn college credit at a fraction of the cost of traditional institutions. If you can't wait and want to start right away, TCN has Comprehensive Learning Modules in their online Resource Center that you can access immediately on your own personal computer. If you're looking for an excuse to delay, you'd be hard-pressed to find one. The College Network's mission since 1992 has been to help nurses earn advanced degrees efficiently and conveniently, and over the course of twenty years, our products and processes have been fine tuned to create an opitmal learning experience. Visit The College Network's web site to learn more.


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