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I remember when I was little, I loved to build things - partially to destroy them after it was built, but mostly because I enjoyed the challenge, complexity, and reward of creating something on my own. My mom used to buy me Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets - pretty much anything that I could follow a set of instructions to create a structure. The reward of having built something individually and the feeling of accomplishment and showing it off to my mom and brothers was motivating - it made me want to build more things with different parts and pieces, making more complex and bizarre things that can only exist in the mind of a child's imagination. 

That hobby faded though for other interests, so now instead of building with my hands, I'm building my knowledge of the things I enjoy studying and reading in my spare time. Roman and Mediterranean history have replaced the Legos and Lincoln logs and the satisfaction I get from learning more about the things I love is reward in itself. 

I think higher education should be the same way. You earn a higher degree not just for money or the tangible aspects, but because you're chasing a dream, a goal, and a feeling of accomplishment. You find what you love and you want to be as good as you can at it, or know as much as one can know - become an expert - someone people rely on and know that can come to if they have a question. Take the opportunity to build something on your own and learn how The College Network can help you find your passion with self-paced education and training. 

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