As a woman who is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy, I feel a special connection to the work performed by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs). The University of Cincinnati recently published an infographic that details the role of a certified nurse-midwife. If you're looking for a new nursing career path, consider... Continue +
The College Network has exciting news for Texas LVNs! We are now making it possible to complete an LVN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program entirely through distance learning. This program, available through Indiana State University, will enable you to sit for your NCLEX-RN exam in Texas. As you know, registered nurses... Continue +
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) that is. Do you have a nursing degree-perhaps an associates degree, but aren't really sure what your next move should be? If you're like many other nurses you probably love what you do, right? So, how can you stay in the nursing field, but also make a career change? It's simple, earn your... Continue +
It has taken me 20 years to become a Nurse. I finished high school in 1979 and was a CNA when I graduated. My teacher encouraged me to be a nurse due to my good grades/clincial in her class past two years of school.Nursing class was full so I entered the ORT program and graduated. I got married had three children and could not... Continue +
$18,720.  That's a strange way of starting a sentence; isn't it?  What does $18,720 have to do with anything?  It could be the price of a new car.  Down payment on a new home.  That deluxe home theater system with 60" LCD TV you've been dreaming of.  What could that mean? $18,720 is the first year increase in your salary if you... Continue +
I am currently working on a project at The College Network which emphasizes our commitment to our customers' success. We offer an a plethora of courses for adults looking to continue their education.Whether you are looking to earn a better salary by upgrading your EMT to RN (with the Online Paramedic to RN Program), RN to MSN,... Continue +
Want to be a millionaire?
A popular TV show has that title Who Wants to be a Millionaire and attracts a large TV audience weekly to see who will win. It is a game of chance. When you look up the definition of the word millionaire it describes it as somebody with a net worth or income more then 1 million dollars or another unit of currency. It is also... Continue +
Whether a nurse holds an LPN, RN or BSN, advancement is possible in the nursing field. In today's tough economy, many people are losing their jobs. One field has weathered the economic storm and continues to thrive: the nursing field. Hospitals, convalescent homes, doctors' offices and home health agencies continue to need and... Continue +
If you have been working as an LVN for a while, you may have decided that earning your RN would be a good idea for your career path. Licensed RNs are in high demand at medical facilities across the country.The College Network will work with you to find the program that best meets your needs. Its advisors will discuss your career... Continue +
Nursing is considered one of the most rewarding and challenging careers in society today. Nurses are in a high demand due to an increasing population and advancements in medical techniques. Registered nursing careers are no longer considered unimportant in the role of patients' recoveries and nurses are rewarded with... Continue +
Are you an LPN looking to take accelerated nursing courses that will help you to earn your RN license quickly and efficiently? Then you need to find a program that will offer a type of course for motivated learners like you! Something that you will definitely want to consider is online education for nurses.In an online program,... Continue +
If you are ready to advance your Nursing career to the next level, earning higher salaries and qualifying for the best Nursing positions, then perhaps it is time to start looking into LVN to BSN programs that will get you to your goals. As an LVN, you don't have the time in your busy schedule for traditional Nursing... Continue +
Hospitals, doctor's offices, schools, and businesses are always in need of qualified nurses. By earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN, students will prepare themselves to become a successful RN within one of these industries.Registered nursing careers offer flexibility in time, finances, and career options. A registered... Continue +
Not all distance nursing programs are created equally. So, when you are looking for an opportunity to improve your career through a higher education program in nursing it is important to research each program and find out which is a good match for your circumstances.The College Network has done this research on your behalf and... Continue +
Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is fast becoming the best route for RNs to advance in the nursing profession. A BSN degree provides nurses with a growing number of career options in the health care field. To help working RNs obtain their BSN training, many colleges make available online RN to BSN degrees.Because... Continue +
If you are an LPN or LVN it is highly likely that at some point you have contemplated going back to school to earn your RN license. The College Network courses have now made that task much more simple and rewarding by offering online nursing education programs in partnership with leading universities. The biggest reason that... Continue +
Would you like to be paid just as much as that of an RN salary? Only the right education can get you there – if you lack proper qualifications, it can be harder to find a job. However, if you are determined to achieve this goal, there are certain steps that you can take to reach it easily. If you're working a full-time job, it... Continue +
I was having lunch with a couple of friends today and said words I hadn't heard in a while. These words were powerful agents at one point in my life and they are just as powerful today.Do one thing a day.A few years back I was trying to accomplish a goal while still maintaining my full-time job, raising kids, and trying to... Continue +
Did you know that online education for nursing professionals is in such high demand that schools are turning away thousands of qualified applicants every year?  Well, it’s true and that is why The College Network partners with prominent universities to offer NLNAC accredited nursing education with no waiting lists.  They make it... Continue +
An Associates Degree in nursing online has helped professionals already working as nurses continue their education without having to give up their jobs. The additional skills and knowledge earned from such a degree program will help them get better salaries and improve their job prospects.Students who study in Accredited BSN... Continue +
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