Bottleneck Bypass
Traffic JamDon't you hate being stuck in traffic?  Sitting in the car and not moving but a mile an hour isn't the most fun in the world.  Besides traffic, another place where there is a bottleneck of people waiting is to get in is nursing programs.  I talk to so many Paramedics and LPN/LVNs that want to find nursing programs with no waiting lists, and most on campus options are currently booked.  I even talked with an LPN yesterday whose local school had a 12 year waiting list for the RN program!

Stuck at the DMV
The College Network allows nurses to bypass the "traffic" and start and finish their RN program with no waiting list.  Whether you want your Associate Degree in Nursing or Bachelors Degree in Nursing, our programs offer self-paced flexibility for your general education and prerequisite courses!  So why make yourself sit in traffic when you can start right away?  Call me, and I'll show you the way to bypass the bottleneck and achieve your goals with degrees from leading universities.

Kevin Burton, Program Advisor, 1-800-307-1006 Ext. 4734,

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