The College Network® recognizes the importance of online learning in the world of higher education and strives to deliver quality programs for working adults. Higher Education and Online Learning at a Glance Online learning has made a major impact on the world of education. Studies show that online learning is an effective and... Continue +
As a woman who is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy, I feel a special connection to the work performed by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs). The University of Cincinnati recently published an infographic that details the role of a certified nurse-midwife. If you're looking for a new nursing career path, consider... Continue +
The College Network partners with Regis University to offer an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program that can help you become a leader in the nursing industry. In fact, the program focuses on leadership in healthcare systems. Become an MSN-prepared nurse, and you'll be qualified for a number of leadership positions,... Continue +
As a Program Advisor I get to speak with many people on a daily basis who are interested in finding out how they can accomplish their goals. Goals, of course, vary from person to person. Some are interested in becoming more specialized in their current career such as an LPN who wants to be able to teach nursing by getting... Continue +
The College Network is pleased to announce its alliance with the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) — a non-profit nursing organization formed in 1971, which represents 150,000 nurses, nursing students and retired nurses from the United States, Eastern Caribbean and Africa with 83 chapters in 34 states. The formation of... Continue +
The American Assembly for Men in Nursing has a new chapter in Delaware, thanks to Chris Foard, RN, MSN. Foard was inspired to become a nurse after his own health issues kept him in the hospital for a year. He hopes to share that same inspiration to place other males on the path to nursing in what has stereotypically... Continue +
 American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) reports that there was a 3.9% increase in enrollment for BS in Nursing programs this year. Since the year 2000, there has been an annual rise in nursing school enrollment. from 2009 to 2010, there was a 5.7% increase! “With the Institute of Medicine and other leading... Continue +
Preemptive Strike!
 Working in Appointment Coordinating for The College Network, I witness firsthand the full spectrum of nurses' attitudes regarding continuing education online.  Everything from flat-out disinterest, to casual interest, to curiosity, to excitement, and unfortunately even desperation.  One end of the spectrum reflects people who... Continue +
Back to School
For many of you it's that time of the year. I can tell because the other day while I was out buying groceries, I noticed that "End of Summer" shift.  Children's faces were frowned, and parents had great big smiles. Their vacation was slowly beginning and their children's were slowly coming to a end... Back to School shopping was... Continue +
I was never one of those girls that knew at 3 that I was destined to become a nurse. I believe your family and your faith make you who you are. I was married right out of high school. My husband and I, both 18, had not a clue what we would do with our lives. I started general education courses at the local community college and... Continue +
It has taken me 20 years to become a Nurse. I finished high school in 1979 and was a CNA when I graduated. My teacher encouraged me to be a nurse due to my good grades/clincial in her class past two years of school.Nursing class was full so I entered the ORT program and graduated. I got married had three children and could not... Continue +
I decided to become a nurse as soon as I graduated from high school. However, then it was for all the wrong reasons. I wanted it because it paid well. However, God didn't want that to be the reason, and He made it evident. Right out of school, I became pregnant and wasn't able to attend a 4-year college. So, I got my medical... Continue +
There are many benefits of becoming an RN. Not only will an RN receive higher financial compensation than an LPN, but the nature of the work can be more interesting. RNs tend to work more closely with the physician than an LPN, so they really get a chance to see the big picture in terms of treatments. There is a high demand for... Continue +
LVN Jobs in South Texas
The Rio Grande Valley is a group of towns on and near the south Texas border. It has been a great area for nurses to find work. The job opportunities have been generous to both RNs and LVNs over the past years.However, in recent months, the main conversation among LVNs has been about job security. Nurses have seen a... Continue +
Shawn Camp knows a thing or two about becoming certified in his field. He already has his Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and his Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certificates. “I have a bachelor’s in computer information,” Shawn said. “I wanted to earn my Certificate in Project Management because that certification... Continue +
An article on last week reiterated what I'd been taught when I came to work for The College Network: make sure you know if the school you're planning to attend is regionally or nationally accredited. There's a big difference. For one thing, nationally accredited schools will often accept credits from regionally... Continue +
Recently, I had the privilege of talking to one very amazing RN by the name of Charlotte Durivage. Charlotte began her ASN program with The College Network back in 2008 right after graduating from LPN school. Before becoming a nurse, Charlotte was a waitress at a local restaurant. Her childhood dream was always to be a nurse.... Continue +
Successful graduates of an MSN education program enjoy many benefits in the healthcare industry. A masters degree in nursing education can help graduates understand the many nuances that are involved in the field of healthcare, as well as the broad scope of disciplines that are available to be trained. In addition to the deep... Continue +
As the duties of nurses at all levels become more complex and specialized, the need for skilled nurse educators continues to grow. If you’re an RN (with or without a BSN) or an experienced teacher with an interest in health care, becoming a nurse educator can lead to a challenging and rewarding career.Earning an MS in Nursing... Continue +
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