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For many of you it's that time of the year. I can tell because the other day while I was out buying groceries, I noticed that "End of Summer" shift.  Children's faces were frowned, and parents had great big smiles. Their vacation was slowly beginning and their children's were slowly coming to a end... Back to School shopping was in full effect.  

Last week, while speaking with nurses who have children, you could hear it in their voices. They didn't even have to say it, but school was back in session.

All hail the school bell as it lures children away from leaving toys around the house and twenty-four hour Sponge Bob sessions...  

For parents with college-bound youth, it may be a little hard to let your baby go but also understand, once they cross that threshold into semi-adulthood - YOU HAVE THE HOUSE BACK!  When my mom dropped me off my freshmen year of college, she cried. The next 3 times she couldn't get me out of the car soon enough, and when she picked me up my senior year, she cried again.  

I joke of course, they were tears of joy but during those four years of discovering myself, my mother did the same.  Her hair styles changed as mine did, she went outside more, and she began the process of going to college as well.

As fall approaches and the noise levels in your homes decrease, definitely think about going back to school yourself.  Think about the many programs The College Network offers to mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, and grandparents who want to receive nursing degrees.  Did I mention that you don't have to travel to Colorado to become a MSN at Regis University or to New York or Indiana for LPN, LVNs and Paramedics seeking a RN Program with no waiting list.  

The College Network offers distance nursing programs that people pursue while on their lunch breaks, weekends, and while kids are in school.  If it sounds like something that you would be interested in, you can learn more about nurses just like you who have completed our programs. Visit

Landon, Appointment Coordinator

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