Associates Degrees in Nursing Online Accelerate Your Career
If you’re ready to advance your career in nursing and you’re looking to move forward to your RN, getting your associate degree is a great next step. Online courses can be an ideal way to help you finish your degree faster and make it more affordable.

Online nursing programs combine course work with hands-on training to provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to achieve your goals. Your associate degree in nursing also prepares you for completing your bachelor's degree in nursing and, with more experience, continue on to a wide variety of specializations.

You’ll appreciate the convenience of online degrees for nursing if you’re working full time or have family commitments. Most courses follow a flexible schedule that you can work around your busy lifestyle. You don’t have to concern yourself with commuting to campus or juggling your other responsibilities to get to class on time. You’ll still need to have in-class time to master the skills you use on the job but that requirement will be much easier to fulfill.

Nursing degrees online also help you avoid the long waiting lists to get into good nursing schools. Because of the shortage of nurse educators, many programs have put their courses online to help lessen the time and cost of getting a nursing degree. In the long run, this also reduces the growing shortage of nurses in our hospitals, clinics and laboratories. By getting your associate degree online, you become part of the solution.

Another advantageous way to reduce your time and cost is to take college equivalency exams for some of your academic coursework. You can “test out” of certain prerequisite or general education classes and other specially-designed courses set up by the program. Your study materials are made available through services, such as The College Network, that specialize in preparing students for these tests. When you pass the exam, your course credits are transferred to your college.

To learn more about completing your associate’s degree in nursing online and other degree programs, visit the nursing page of The College Network.

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