Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s SuperWriter, here to save the day… and your writing skills! This week, in an effort to make learning about essay writing a little more fun, The College Network unveiled a new layer to the English Composition 01 module. The SuperWriter! Fiction, Poetry, and Drama Guides are designed to... Continue +
Just getting started with The College Network? Just getting back started with The College Network? Or maybe just needing some guidance? Check out our new "orientation-type" course to help guide you through the benefits and resources available to you as a customer of The College Network. It is called All About Achievement:... Continue +
Throughout my early educational experiences, I often boasted about my ability to pass a test without studying. I felt confident that I could just remember the information the teacher shared and relay that information on tests. I didn’t always get an “A” on my tests (especially not on those pesky math quizzes), but I rarely had... Continue +
At The College Network, our goal is to make earning your degree as convenient and as hassle-free as possible. Compared to a more traditional approach to education (on-campus learning), we offer more flexibility and the support you need to begin the path to successful completion of your degree. Flexible scheduling: When earning a... Continue +
How Do I Begin?
Congratulations! By signing with The College Network for one of our online degree programs you have taken an important step in bettering yourself and your future. You’ve made the decision to work at your own pace, study on your own time, and control the way you learn best. But with any new endeavor we begin, there is fleeting... Continue +
Did you know that as an adult learner, the way you learn is completely different from how it was when you were younger?  If you are like me, you never thought about it before--but it makes sense. When you are in grade school, you are led by the adults around you, will most likely accept information without questioning it and are... Continue +
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