Asking Your Employer for An Education

Affording an education isn’t cheap – in fact, most adults list high tuition costs as their number one reason for not returning to school. But funding for your degree might be closer than you think. Many companies offer scholarship programs and stipends for funding employee education. Others will reimburse employees either partially or fully for tuition costs. After all, the more knowledgeable the employee, the more valuable they are to the company. Plus, earning your degree can place you in the running for a serious promotion. Large companies may even have partnerships with local universities, making company-specific training more affordable than usual. If you are unsure whether or not your company offers tuition funding or reimbursement, speak with your HR manager.

But what if your company isn’t offering any educational funding? There’s a delicate way to approach your employer about paying for your education. First, research the degree or certificate you are interested in. Take a look at course offerings from local colleges, but research online options as well.  After all, you’ll want to choose a path that won’t disrupt your existing work schedule. Next, create a list of ways that your employer will benefit from your new education. Here’s a few ideas to start:
- You will be able to take on new assignments and add new skills to the workforce
- You will be a more knowledgeable expert in your field
- You will be capable of taking on a leadership role within the company
- You can share your skills with co-workers and educate new employees
- You will become a more prestigious representative of the company
Be prepared to answer any questions that your supervisor may have. If cost is an issue, be ready to suggest any available payment plans offered by your school of choice. Your supervisor will undoubtedly be concerned about time spent away from work. This is a great time to discuss online degree options. Because online courses can be taken from home at any time, the concept may appeal to both you and your supervisor.
If program duration is a concern, The College Network can help. By completing your general education and elective requirements with us, you can be on your way to enrollment with a four-year institution sooner than you might think. If online education sounds right for you, contact one of our knowledgable Program Advisors at 1-800-395-3276.

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