Are We Actually Thinking and Learning Effectively?

I recently conducted a webinar in which I grew annoyed with myself when I noticed that I was speaking in a strange manner. I used the word actually over and over again. It wasn’t misplaced use though. Each time I said the word it truly fit the situation. But I was very aware of the fact that in nearly every sentence I was saying the word actually. I tried to edit myself but I just couldn’t get it under control.

Never before had I noticed this behavior and yet, it was so obvious that I quickly became annoyed at myself. Here I was a professional who was supposed to be an experienced presenter and out of the clear blue I had developed what appeared to be a nervous tick of some sort; or was it?

As I replayed the day I was relieved to find that it wasn’t a nervous tick, at all.  Instead, it was an indicator of the underlying issue I was trying to address in my presentation.

The topic being presented was the effective design of eLearning solutions. The goal was to help people understand that presenting information isn’t enough to ensure that employees truly learn and can apply that information. There is a big difference in being exposed to information and actually learning information. This difference is the reason I kept saying the word actually.

The truth of the matter is:

--  Many students/learners are reading, but they aren’t actually learning.
-- Many employees are performing but they aren’t actually performing well.
-- Instructional content can present information without actually supporting the learning process.

In short, thinking and learning are processes that can look like they’re taking place without actually taking place at all. If a learner doesn’t know how to ensure they are learning they might actually be wasting their time, energy, and resources. 

What can be done to ensure this is not the case with you and your learning activities?  If you want to ensure that you are truly learning what you need to learn to reach your educational and professional goals, call The College Network (1.800.395.1014) and talk to one of our representatives about what we do to help our customers learn effectively and efficiently.





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