Ambulatory Care Nurse

When you are a LPN or a LVN, the nursing specialties that you can get into are limited because of your degree.  Therefore, it's always a good idea to look into good nursing schools that offer inexpensive nursing degrees to help advance your education and get you the positions you deserve.

For example, once you have acquired your higher-level nursing degree, then you might be interested in being in ambulatory care.

As am ambulatory nurse, you will treat patients of all age ranges who might have an acute or chronic illness or injury.

As it so happens when it comes to ambulances, you might also be administering preventative care, pain management, case management, discharge planning, and patient education to those that have chronic illnesses or injuries as well as those that have experienced an emergency situation.

Schools for Registered Nurses will provided you with the education you need.  There are a number of institutions that offer inexpensive nursing degrees that will also help you figure out which discipline of specialty nursing interests you.

Are you a ambulatory care nurse?  How did you get into it?  Do you like it?  Leave a comment below and share it with our readers!

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