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I joined The College Network in 2008 as an Editor in the Product Development department. My present responsibilities include acquiring authors; developing, editing, and formatting content; researching advances in online learning; and reviewing marketing pieces.I graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a bachelor's... Continue +
The writer, philosopher, and professor Noam Chomsky once stated, “The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don't know how to be submissive, and so on -- because they're dysfunctional to... Continue +
Recently the Institute for College Access and Success, a California-based non-profit, stated that "nearly two-thirds of college graduates who finished college in 2011 left school carrying student loan debt in the amount of – on average – $26,600." The student loan debt problem, according to the recent trend, is only getting... Continue +
Going Back to the Basics
From Education News, "The American Council of Trustees and Alumni has released a report that shows an increasing number of colleges and universities are failing to teach their students 'the basics.'” This begs the question, why should anyone invest money, time, and effot into introductory college courses that not only don't... Continue +
As a member of the Product Development department and an avid learner, I'm interested in how someone would use a mobile device for learning, e.g., studying a Comprehensive Learning Module. Would you use it to study key terms? Would you use it to read your modules cover to cover? Would it exist solely as a compliment to learning... Continue +
Write Your Own Story
"In America, the stories we tell ourselves and we tell each other in fiction have to do with individualism. Every person here is the center of his or her own story. And our job as people and as characters is to find our own motivations and desires, to overcome conflicts and obstacles toward defining ourselves so that we grow and... Continue +
Where is education headed in the next five years? From Education News, "A new report from the State Education Technology Directors Association is calling on schools to make plans to transition from traditional textbooks to digital texts in the next five years." It's hard to imagine, especially for those of us who grew up... Continue +
1. Affordability - The average cost of a year of college at a public institution is over $22,000, which includes tuition, book, fees, and room and board. Over four years, that's almost $90,000 and if you consider the average salary of most recent college graduates, paying off this debt would seem to take a life time. Cut out the... Continue +
Student Loan Debt
A recent article on the Education News web site I think highlights many concerns about higher education and a weak economy. "With decreases in state financial grant aid, students are relying more on loans and off-campus work to cover their college expenses, forcing them to take fewer classes so they can work more hours, slowing... Continue +
Customize Your Education
Why limit what you learn and how you learn it? If you attend a traditional university you will be subject to the rules and regulations of the school and have to follow a set curriculum, at the same time every week for months at a time.  And the classwork assigned by the teacher, not optional with a set deadline; you're following... Continue +
The Total Package
No, it's not the wrestler Lex Luger; it's The College Network. When it comes to higher education, there isn't another establishment that provides the courses, support, online availability of content, and the quality of service. TCN, a leading online learning services company, since 1992 has helped provide support to any... Continue +
It's a Nurse's Market
We've been hearing the same thing for years - there are thousands of nursing jobs just waiting to be filled, plenty of opportunity, etc. We hear these implicit phrases frequently, but are they true? Where are the solid facts about the nursing job market? A recent article published on the Scrubs magazine web site attempts... Continue +
The Road to Education
For most people, their education begins in infancy, when we first learn to use our hands, fingers, eventually learning to crawl, then walk. Formal education begins not long after with pre-school and kindergarten and continues, for most, through the 12th grade. From this point, we come to a crossroads: is college the path to take... Continue +
The Self-Made Learner
Frederick Douglass is the epitome of the self-made man. Born into slavery, he never received a formal education - only with some brief instruction from his master's wife and from the white children he would interact would Douglass build the foundation for his lifelong education. He would eventually escape from his master and... Continue +
Roger Clemens made headlines this past week when he said he was going to come out of retirement to pitch for a minor league team with the hopes of being recognized by major league scouts for another shot at the big game. At the age of 50, a man was taking a legitimate shot at competing in a game being played by people a quarter... Continue +
Nobody likes to stop and ask for directions, and thanks to smartphones and onboard navigation, running into the gas station to ask the attendant how to get somewhere is a thing of the very recent past. But what about destinations that can't be found with a smart phone? How do we get where we're trying to go when we're not even... Continue +
Build Something
I remember when I was little, I loved to build things - partially to destroy them after it was built, but mostly because I enjoyed the challenge, complexity, and reward of creating something on my own. My mom used to buy me Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets - pretty much anything that I could follow a set of instructions... Continue +
Benjamin Franklin is famous for many things, but one of my favorite quotes of his is, "You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again." A recent article from Fox News stated, "According to a study by The Education Trust, fewer than four in 10 students graduate from college in four years. 'An extra $20,000... Continue +
A recent article in Education News discussed some upcoming increases to college tuition across the country. "At the University of California, for example, tuition was raised 32 percent in 2010 and 8 percent in 2011. The next increase could be as high as 20 percent in early 2013." It's time to separate yourself from the trend too... Continue +
I'm a fan of Roman history and over the years I have amassed a small library of texts on this ancient civilization. It's my favorite thing to study and read outside of work, but even though I love it, it's nice to read something different every once in a while, like a classic novel or a series of essays, short stories and poems.... Continue +
I remember the first time I opened Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time and felt like a Neanderthal relative to Mr. Hawking's genius. The concepts were so complex and beyond anything I had ever tried to comprehend that after the first couple pages I put the book down and declared that it was beyond my level of intelligence.... Continue +
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