The College Network strives to help working adults reach their goals by providing them with the tools and connections they need to be successful as they pursue a certificate or degree. While we are not a school, we work with some of the best institutions of higher learning in the United States, including Boston University,... Continue +
You are unique—your interests and passions are not exactly the same as the next person. Your career path probably isn’t the same as the next person either. So why pursue an ordinary degree just like the next person? It’s time to jump out of a one-size-fits-all educational approach into a tailored-just-for-you-and-your-career... Continue +
Feel like you’re alone going back to school as a nontraditional student? A recent article on the web site reveals that adult learners may not be as alone as they sometimes feel.    That’s the percentage of college students that are categorized as “nontraditional,” according to The Wall Street Journal. While the... Continue +
As our Academic Advisors begin a new year of supporting the adult online learner, we thought it would be helpful to being a discussion of some of the Frequently Asked Questions of Academic Support, as well as provide a few links to additional information that you may find useful. To schedule an exam for your online degree... Continue +
Today we are in the midst of National Distance Learning Week, which is celebrated this year from November 11 to 15. National Distance Learning Week is sponsored by the United States Distance Learning Association and aims to bring awareness to the progress being made in the distance learning arena. As stated on the National... Continue +
As the calendar year draws to a close, it's important for those of us in the eLearning industry, as well as those interested in earning certificates and degrees online, to evaluate the state of online education. Online learning has come a long way in recent years, and there's no question that it has caught the attention... Continue +
In my last blog post, Positive Thinking: Don't Over Do It, I discuss the importance of making attainable, realistic goals for yourself. Setting goals can help you keep track of what you want to accomplish. Today I want to discuss the step you need to take just after you successfully meet your goal that may be just as important:... Continue +
It's no secret that Internet connectivity has become a prominent part of our fast-moving world. These days, people use the Internet to work, pay bills, shop, and stay connected to family and friends. And public places all over the world boast free Wi-Fi. In fact, as I type this post, I am sitting at Panera taking advantage of a... Continue +
Statistics show a continual climb in the number of adults over age 25 who are deciding to enroll in college and further their education. But for many, the thought of going back to school as an adult is intimidating. In today's economically challenged world, however, higher education is often required of those seeking... Continue +
Tracy Larrabee is a professor of computer engineering at UC Santa Cruz. In her opinion, online education is the way of the future.  “My students want the flexibility and the modes of learning afforded by online education.” She feels that working toward a degree online did not suddenly become an option for today’s students; this... Continue +
  Have you been thinking about furthering your education? If so, is it for personal reasons, or does your desired position require you to have a bachelor’s degree?  I am here to tell you that whatever your motivation might be, I am certain that the experience may have opened your eyes to a broader range of career possibilities... Continue +
  Considering that the average adult is exposed to an average of 490,000 words per day just in online interactions alone (according to Nick Bilton of The New York Times), it’s no surprise that we are often operating at information overload. Whether you are working in your field or studying for an advanced degree, the words... Continue +
  What does an online learner look like? Probably just like you! Online learners come from both genders and all adult age groups, with a sizeable portion comprised of middle-aged adults. Les Burr at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia reports that people tend to use the Internet as an educational resource more... Continue +
Since spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation, it's the perfect time to start thinking about fresh starts in your life. Are you considering heading back to school as an adult learner? Are you perhaps intimidated by the number of years that have passed since you were last a student? The College Network (TCN) wants to... Continue +
The last 150 years has brought more technological advances than all of the years before.  While traditional schools have been around for hundreds of years, online learning is brand spanking new.  And we don't even know everything that it has to offer yet.   Working adults want to continue their education and online learning... Continue +
Most of us have considered going back to school at one point or another. I want go back to school to get my master's degree. I, like you, research programs to see what will work best for my lifestyle. I will need to continue to work my full time job and run my household, while I obtain my degree. The reasons that we decide to go... Continue +
The average college student is no longer 18 years old and fresh out of high school. In reality, students today are older, more diverse and have more work and family obligations to balance. Today, nearly 40 percent of college enrollments are adults over the age of 25, a percentage that’s expected to grow by 20 percent by the year... Continue +
  In today’s mobile world, consumers are placing more confidence than ever in the information they find online. But it may surprise you to learn that this even holds true when it comes to personal health. A recent study by Demi & Cooper Advertising shows that over 90 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds reported that they trust health... Continue +
Let’s face it—most of us have been out of school quite a long time. The prospect of returning to school can be exciting, and a bit scary. Especially if the last time you were in school you sat behind a desk and are now looking at your computer, wondering how it’s all going to work.  Well, don’t worry.  We’re here to help calm... Continue +
Did you know that you can earn an associate degree in fire science through The College Network and Lake Superior State University?  You might be also be surprised to learn that  you can earn your bachelor's degree in fire science as well.     If you are starting out in your career, obtaining your associate degree can help... Continue +
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