I happened upon Nurse Stephanie's exam success when she was kind enough to offer words of encouragement and support to other customers of The College Network® via our Facebook© page. In addition to passing 9 exams in a 6-month span, Nurse Stephanie also recently completed and passed the CPNE® on her first attempt. Nurse... Continue +
Over the past few years, there's been much talk about a push for nurses to be educated at the bachelor's-degree level. However, at The College Network (TCN), we recognize that earning a bachelor's degree is not the right path for everyone. That's why we offer courses that can help you become a registered nurse (RN) through the... Continue +
Did you know that according to the National League of Nursing, over 51% of qualified applicants are turned away from associate nursing programs each year? Are you one of those license practical nurses who wants to take the next step to earning your RN-Associate of Science in Nursing?  It's as easy as making a call to The College... Continue +
A recent article on the Yahoo Education site highlights a new trend in education—more and more prime-age workers are turning to associate’s degrees instead of bachelor’s degrees. Could an associate's degree be the answer for you? According to a recent report by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, 5.6 to 10.4... Continue +
Did you know that August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day? Being thrifty is important for many aspects of life, not just shopping for clothes. And being thrifty does not mean that you are cheap – it means you’re smart! Being thrifty can be an important aspect toward achieving success – because something is expensive, does... Continue +
Earning your online degree isn't easy. It requires planning, dedication, and motivation. It can be difficult at times because you may feel that you don't have the support of your family, friends, or peers. But did you know that at The College Network® (TCN), you can create your own study community while you also help to support... Continue +
If you are an LPN/LVN, you’ve probably considered going back to school to earn your degree and RN license. With the demand for qualified RNs on the rise, it’s a great time to start working toward a higher nursing credential. Earning your associate’s degree in nursing isn’t the only way to get your RN license—in fact, there are... Continue +
Most of us have considered going back to school at one point or another. I want go back to school to get my master's degree. I, like you, research programs to see what will work best for my lifestyle. I will need to continue to work my full time job and run my household, while I obtain my degree. The reasons that we decide to go... Continue +
Happy New Year!!! Hopefully you had a great 2012 but I want to help you have an even better 2013 by fulfilling one of your biggest resolutions. Every single year people make a ton of different resolutions: This is the year I finally lose that extra 10 pounds This is the year I finally stop smoking This is the year I... Continue +
We're excited to launch Education Editorial — a new eMagazine from The College Network®. This edition is packed with valuable articles written by experts in nursing and healthcare.  In this edition, you can read about Daniel Lucky who is achieving amazing things in community health nursing after completing an online degree... Continue +
We are officially in the holiday season. It's a time that most of us look forward to seeing our family and friends, while enjoying the feeling of contentment we get from being around those we love. But it can also be really stressful. We try to manage our work, our shopping, our studying, our volunteering, our... Continue +
There are quite a lot of customers at The College Network who have taken advantage of the EARN program. But, there are also quite a few that haven't yet. And, if you don't know about it--let me tell you the ways that it can help you with your degree program. The EARN program helps customers create their own study communities by... Continue +
  The past several years have been disappointing for college applicants looking to earn their associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). According to the National League for Nursing, ADN applications were the most frequently rejected among both pre- and post-licensure nursing applications in 2011. The NLN report stated that nearly 50%... Continue +
Who influences you?  I was recently at a conference in a session that spoke to influencers as they pertained to social media, and  it made me think about personal and professional influences and how they can impact our lives. Professionally, it is great when you work with someone that has more experience than you.  I often find... Continue +
Many people I have the pleasure of talking to on a day-to-day basis ask me to help differentiate The College Network from Excelsior College® in obtaining their Associate of Science in Nursing Degree.  For your information, I'd like to go over a brief synopsis of what roles we each have in this process. Excelsior College® is the... Continue +
The New York Times revealed in a recent article the increasing number of hospitals requiring nurses with associate degrees to earn a bachelor's degree/RN. "The need [for nurses] is so great that nurses without bachelor's degrees are still in demand. But experts say that may change in years to come, particularly at hospitals, the... Continue +
Did you know as a Paramedic, you can earn your Associate Degree in Nursing degree in as little as 18 months and continue to work while you do it?     As a paramedic, you are used to working long hours.  Oftentimes, you might be on call for 24 hours straight.  Being an registered nurse will afford you the opportunity to work on a... Continue +
There are many reports that talk about the increasing need for registered nurses.  With the aging baby boomer population, planning for changing healthcare needs will be at the forefront of hospitals and providers across the country. The registered nursing field is going to grow by 26% by 2020.  If you break that down, it means... Continue +
Let's talk about the number 6. It's my lucky number. But it's also much more than that. Here are some very interesting facts about the number 6. Did you know? 6 is the smallest perfect number. 6 is the atomic number of carbon. The cells of a beehive honeycomb are 6-sided.  There are 6 strings on a standard guitar.  LeBron James... Continue +
A recent article in the Herald-Tribune addressed a forecast for the upcoming Florida nursing shortage. "A workforce survey by the Florida Center for Nursing shows that vacancies and turnover began to accelerate in 2011 after a four-year slide. The nonprofit center predicts that Florida will run short of registered nurses by... Continue +
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